So, as you can tell by the title, this story is not the usual post of our adventures. It’s all about my IBS-C, and for those of you who don’t know, that is irritable bowel syndrome- constipation. Years ago I had it in the “D” form. I had that problem in check, with making sure I didn’t eat certain things if I knew I had to work the next day, or not going places if things were popping, I mean poopin, so It was manageable.

About 8 years ago it decided to completely reverse on me, and so I became consistently constipated.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst stomach cramps, like beyond manageable. I would get surges of cramping, followed by severe hot flashes that would then turn into chills. I felt awful, I then proceeded to throw up the water and coffee I had drank that morning.

All I could say was ,”Oh Lord help me”

I knew it was because things haven’t been moving smoothly. I could barely move, if I stood up the cramping would return. Mitch and I had plans to go the museum of the Bible, but feeling the way I did he ended up going without me. I slept the whole morning and only woke when he called me as he was on his way back to see if I needed anything.

He brought me a whole arsenal of medicine, laxatives, mirlax, milk of magnesium, the other end laxatives. So I took a few things.. time went on and nothing worked. He then mentioned there was an at home enema he saw he could get me. Oh my gosh, has it really gotten so bad I’m gonna have to do that?! Yup.. it is that bad. He went back to the store and got it for me. If nothing happens, things could get worse.

I ended up doing to the enema.. and not much happened. I mean enough to relieve some pressure but I know things still aren’t right. I felt so sick, I threw up again and slept most of the day and night. I drank lots of water and didn’t eat but two crackers for the day. Today I had some progress but I’m still nauseous, feeling off and am certain things are jammed packed.

So yeah, that’s the story of the day… we traveled west through West Virginia and are staying at a loves truck stop in Kentucky for the night. I plan to be more consistent with making sure things clear out and hope that no more problems arise.


Update..Elvis has left the building! Wahoo. Not that I’m back to a 100 percent but now I’m not worried about rupturing my colon or throwing up poo! No seriously, if it gets to bad that can happen. So from now on, I will do better. Take things to makes things happen. Hope this can help someone avoid what I experienced.


Washington DC Monuments

10/23/2022- When you see a picture of something, do you automatically assume it’ll be facing one way or another? I gotta say my brain assumes a direction, and my assumptions have been a hundred percent wrong! For some reason I always thought Lincoln was facing west, he actually faces the east and is straight across from the Washington monument and reflecting pool. We wanted to get to DC to see the sunrise and maybe even be there before anyone else, so we woke up at 5:30.

The washington Monument at sunrise

We found free all day parking! We mapped Harvy to 900 Ohio drive SW just to get to the area to park, but the whole street has free parking.

Wahoo free Parking! Yay

We hopped on el scooters and road the 1.4 miles to the Lincoln Monument. It was a brisk morning and I wish I would’ve wore gloves. To our surprise, when we arrived there were quite a few people there already with the same idea.

The Lincoln Memorial
Mitch and me at the Lincoln Memorial

I had a special outfit for the day, but it wasn’t conducive to the weather so I double layered until it was picture time.

Professional pregnancy photos being taken at sunrise at Washington Monument
Mitch was my photographer for the day

Ok, that was fun! Back to our regularly scheduled program.

The Lincoln Memorial
On the wall inside of the building
Writing on the opposite side
Washington Monument
The American Flags circle the entire monument
Mitch in front of the Washington Monument
Martin Luther King Memorial
His quotes are etched on these walls
I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King Jr.
The march on Washington
for jobs and freedom
August 18 1963
etched into the stone at the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps
The White House

I was surprised at how close you can get to the White House. There’s secret service no mater the direction you look. It’s located in the city, faces north and across from a park.

The crowd in front of the White House
Marty, a man with a message, doing what he can
This photo is from the back of the White House, facing south
The park across from the White House
The Statue of Andrew Jackson in the center of the park

We headed East towards the capital, along the way we stopped at a street vendor to get a couple souvenirs. While we were looking at items a man came up to talk to us about our scooters. He said he used steal them, how he’d carry a cutting wheel to cut off the locks. He said cops would call him if they saw something like our scooters to buy off of him for their kids, all he had to do was steal them. So we thanked him for not stealing.

The capital
They continue to repair the damage caused by the January 6 riot
We went around to the other side and it was quite a bit bigger than we imagined
The capital
The Jefferson Memorial, it faces south
Inside the Jefferson Memorial
Quotes from some of his speeches are on the walls
Mitch and I just soaking in DC
Marbles floors and pillars
The north side of the Jefferson memorial
The weather was wonderful
Me getting a photo with Franklin D. Roosevelt and his dog Fala
Elenor Roosevelt
Quote of Roosevelt’s
In the Roosevelt monument
Roosevelt’s words for future generations

We must keep the faith that good people will continue on the solid foundation we were give. That our world of the 21 century will not regress. To fight the good fight against oppression, ignorance,hate and greed

Sculpture depicting a quote from Roosevelt, the quote is in the middle
There is a small museum and gift shop near the Roosevelt Memorial
WW2 Memorial
On the ground in the center of the floor is the medallion
Quote from Roosevelt
The pillars that surround this fountain have each state engraved on each one
McGavin and Nina

I finally named my scooter, her name is Nina the ninebot. so I thought it only fitting to get a picture of scooter McGavin and Nina in DC. We gave them some upgrades from Walmart. They each got cup carriers (especially since my experience in New York) and mirrors, and Nina got a basket, now to add sparkles and flowers!!

I tried to tell this bee it wasn’t a real flower, it took him a while to realize it for himself.
Sunset near the Jefferson Memorial
sunset looking at the Washington Monument

We wouldn’t have been able to see half of what we did if it wasn’t for our scooters. It made things so much simpler. I’m sure the subway system would’ve worked well for us too, but I’m glad we got to see it the way we did.

Beep beep

Arlington National Cemetery Washington DC

10/21/2022- Today we visited Arlington National Cemetery. We arrived around 11 am, and didn’t leave until 4:30pm. When we arrived they directed us to a parking area designed for oversized vehicles.

On our way to Arlington

Once we arrived at the welcome center, we were directed to get into a security line check. After clearing security we went to information for a map.

Map from their website

Our first stop was the museum honoring women in the military.

Women in military service memorial
Margaret Nash POW
She was granted 30 day of leave after being discharged from the Navy hospital

We headed up behind the women’s memorial towards John F. Kennedy’s gravesite.

A road in Arlington
JFK’s burial site, an eternal flame lit by his wife after his passing burns in the center. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Patrick Kennedy and their daughter are laid to rest with him.
They also have quotes from some of his speeches engraved in stone

We headed next to the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Changing of the guards in Arlington at the tomb of the unknown soldier
Honoring the unknown soldiers
Every hour on the hour at this time of year is the changing of the guards
The view of the tomb of the unknown soldier from below
While there, a couple of schools presented wreaths to honor the fallen unknown soldiers

Inside the building is a museum, showing gifts from other countries, metals of valor and photos.

Gift from Chief Plenty Coups of the Crow Nation

Behind the building is the memorial amphitheater

View from the back of the amphitheater
View from the front of the amphitheater

We decided to go towards the columbarium.

Arlington National Cemetery
There are over 200,000 service members laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery
The columbarium

While heading back towards the welcome center there was a service ending and we were able to watch them march back into formation.

The military honoring the loss of a service member
Arlington National Cemetery is 642 acres

There were more places in Arlington to visit, but we ran out of time. We decided to walk, but they do offer a troll car that would take you through the entire cemetery if you chose that route.

Hello Philadelphia, Hey Rocky

10/19/2022 -Before making it to our campground in Maryland, we stopped off to run the Rocky steps in Philadelphia.

Hello Philly
Harvy’s cruisin downtown Philadelphia
Philadelphia City Hall
Saint Francis Xavier Church

We were able to park across the street and walk to the steps. Without having to pay.

There is a statue of Rocky and a plaque on the right side of the art museum before you go up the steps. As we walked towards it, a man offers to take our picture and asks for money. “$10 or $20, I’m homeless I gotta get me something to eat, I do this for a living.” We decide to let him take our pictures, but in the rush of the moment I didn’t get to take one of just Mitch.

So you have,The rocky statue, Mitch and which way do I hold my hands
The stairs Rocky ran on
Mitch ran the stairs
He’s ready for a boxing match now

There was another guy at the top of the stairs selling Rocky t-shirts, so we bought a couple from him. He then took a bunch of pictures of us at different points of interest. Um yeah, can I get back to taking the pictures and not being in them so much?

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Statue on one side of the steps
Statue on the other side of the steps

They have fountains and falls that run down on both sides as well, but since it’s fall they were shut off for the winter. After visiting the steps we went across the street to see the Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument

The photos that follow, without captions, are different views of the monument.

After we visited these historical landmarks we decided to find a Philly cheesesteak. I mean while we’re in Philadelphia, get one right? Well, we heard about one place from a local, and mapped our way there. The signs are confusing and we parked in an area up the street from a sign that said pay to park by your license plate, so we thought we were good to go. I see a man under a blanket eating some ruffles, I ask him if he was hungry and would like a sandwich, to which he says, “sure I’d like that.”so I tell him we’ll be back and I’ll bring it to him. We walk up the street for couple blocks, we can’t find the restaurant, then we realize it’s not there anymore and we get back to a $36 parking ticket on our windshield. We couldn’t have been gone for more than 10 minutes! Now, I’m telling ya, that man on the street, that I offered to buy a sandwich for is the only who could’ve told parking enforcement that we were there. I mean in that short amount of time! Do they have some kind of set up where he calls “the man”? Unless he’s parking enforcement, posing as a homeless person? Who knows. Anyway, I tell him “I’m sorry, we didn’t find the restaurant” and he said “that’s ok.” We decided to scrap the whole idea and just hit the road.

We made it to Greenbelt national park campground in Maryland where we’ll be staying for 5 days.

Harvy at Greenbelt National park

It’s a nice park in the middle of the city of Greenbelt and only 10 minutes from DC. The cars kinda sound like the ocean, squirrels are running about and leaves are falling.

One even landed on Mitch’s head, oh lucky day

No electricity or water but hey, we got a good internet connection here. Hallelujah, I’ll take that any day, we got a generator.

Open campsites and calm surroundings

While I caught up on writing today Mitch mapped out our adventures and sights to see for the next few days. we’ll keep ya posted.