Tips for Dementia Cargiving

I can’t believe Papa’s been gone for almost 6 months now.  Most of the time I don’t feel as if he’s really gone, it’s more like he’s just with me in a different way.  The unconditional love he gave me knows no death, and I feel his spirit  all the time. I often think backContinue reading “Tips for Dementia Cargiving”

Dad’s Daily Natural Supplemental Cocktail for Dementia

My dad’s birthday was this month, and although he’s been gone now for 4 years, he’s still with me in so many ways. I’d started this post years ago (probably 2016) and never got around to publishing. I feel compelled to still share it. I’m guessing this post wont be of much interest to thoseContinue reading “Dad’s Daily Natural Supplemental Cocktail for Dementia”