Scooters, Starbucks and Subways in NYC

10/15/2022 we made our way to NYC. Let me tell ya, them-there PATH subways are packed with people! Mitch and I decided to take the scooters. Getting off and on a with more than your own two feet is a challenge. People have no patience or tolerance, you gotta get out of the way orContinue reading “Scooters, Starbucks and Subways in NYC”

The Maine Lobster Story

10/8/2022 I don’t know how many people said, “oh my gosh, you’re going to Maine! You gotta get the lobster while you’re there!” I’ve never liked lobster, but I’ve never had lobster from without further ado… Yes! It was as big as it looks in the picture! 1-1/2 LBS! The meat was tender, andContinue reading “The Maine Lobster Story”