Oklahoma, Together Again

10-29-2022 One of our main objectives when we planned this trip was to fulfill my dad’s final request. He wanted his ashes to be buried with his loving wife, my mom, in Oklahoma.

Albion Cemetery in Oklahoma

I found the perfect vessel for his ashes, something he always loved, a milk can. I remember as a child, us using them to hold water when we lived on the cut off.

Forever Thankful for his love, and that he was my dad

Finding moms headstone wasn’t difficult, as she chose a rock as unique as she was.

The headstone
My moms plaque
I’m not sure if my dad or my aunt put this at her grave, it says; if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.
We put a sunflower for papa, the red & white bouquet for mom and a blue hydrangea for Raymond
Together forever

With dads remaining ashes we sprinkled them all around moms grave site, just as he would’ve wanted.

Covered with love

We then drove a couple miles down the road to where my folks lived. To my surprise, the only remaining evidence that they used to live there was the concrete strips that once was the foundation for the house.

Where the house once was

After my mom had passed the house got repossessed and dad converted the patio into his house. He had stacked rocks all the way to top creating a rock house. That too, was torn down. The only hard work that remained was the rock boarder dad had made, surrounding a portion of the property.

Dad made this rock boarder

All the work one puts into creating something, another works to remove it. The land is now owned by my mom’s sister, whom I have tried to connect with over the years, but no response has been received. We walked down the road where I’d taken walks with my mom 19 years earlier, just soaking in one last stroll.

A sad and special day, a walk in the woods where once I had both my parents at my side
We look at all the rocks in wonderment as to how he moved all these rocks
We headed out of town crossing over a bridge that had just as much charm and character as my parents
Even Harvy was melancholy
The silence surrounded the day

Letting go, once again, weighed on both of us but we were grateful to fulfill our last promise. We will be together again in the end.



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