Forever Ago February

I wrote this post almost two months ago but with all that was going on, I just haven’t gotten around to posting it until now.  Thank you all for your love and support during this difficult time! February was a busy month for us, of course there’s Valentines day, my birthday and our 5th year ofContinue reading “Forever Ago February”

Coconut oil and Turmeric for Dementia

I would like to first catch you up on the progression of my dad’s dementia. When I first heard the word dementia I thought, ok, so they forget things and forget how things work, the end.  There is so much more involved with them forgetting.  No, really, SOO much more!  We used to just be ableContinue reading “Coconut oil and Turmeric for Dementia”

Our Neck Of The Woods

Although we’ve lived in Medical Lake for many years, we’re surprised we haven’t been to more places and done more things that are so close to home. Klinks We decided that we would try Klinks, out on Williams Lake. It’s only about a 40 minute drive from our house. Initially we just wanted to rent kayaksContinue reading “Our Neck Of The Woods”