Our first Arizona snow

It’s 10:16 pm on January 19th 2023 and I stepped outside to let our dog Buddy out. I was greeted with the most serene sight, our backyard covered in a blanket of snow. What a nice surprise here in the desert. They say it usually only lasts for a day, I love it that way!

Life Cycles

I’ve always wanted to witness the metamorphosis of a butterfly, and thankfully I came across a company that makes it possible,Insect Lore.  I’d planned to order them last year, but as we all know too well, life has it’s own plans. Thankfully this Spring things worked out, I ordered the kit, note: the larva areContinue reading “Life Cycles”

The Greatest Gift

Ever since high school I’ve loved the idea of being a photographer, having one of those fancy camera’s with the removable lenses.  Day dreams of traveling the world while taking pictures of waterfalls and capturing something worth a thousand words peppered my thoughts throughout the years. Finally, at the age of 43 fate has foundContinue reading “The Greatest Gift”