The Ark Encounter in Kentucky

We decided to stop in to see Noah’s ark in Williamstown Kentucky. They built it to scale and it’s the largest wooden structure in the world.

Noah’s Ark
Up close

Inside they have life size replicas of what the animals were, sounds they would’ve made and how things probably happened.

How the animals would’ve been kept
The inside of the Ark and the wood work
Storage for supplies
A couple critters that would’ve been on the Ark
What they are called
Now that’s a huge door
The two views of creation
What a room would’ve looked like
How they grew food
Skylights to grow food and for light

After the tour we headed towards our campsite, only to stop at a thrift store. At first, people didn’t seem overly friendly, and everyone was quite busy. As soon as Mitch asked what smelled so good and they said BACON it started up a conversation. He said he could smell it all the way from Arizona and it drew him here. The lady at the register says, hey mom, this guy loves bacon! This tiny little elderly gal came out and said “hi, would you like some?” There’s no way Mitch could pass that up, although he did decline… kind of, I asked if it was a family run business, and the register lady said, “no, we just all call her mom.” Not 5 minutes later she comes out with a thing of beauty!

That mom walking walking away, she’s camera shy but sooo sweet
Oh my man is a happy man

We thanked her and everyone else for their kindness and generosity and headed towards the campground.

These colors are more rocky road, blackberry and tangerine ice creams we remarked about the trees
Beautiful rolling hills in Kentucky on a cool fall day

Tomorrow Tennessee, and then onto Oklahoma.



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