Made it Home

11-1-2022 We arrived home today at 9:30 am. We stayed at a Maverick gas station in Winslow AZ last night after driving about 13 hours from Texas where we stopped in to visit friends. The morning sunrise was amazing.

Sunrise in Winslow AZ

Before making it home we stopped into the small town of Adrian that’s the halfway point between Chicago and Los Angeles.

While visiting friends in Caddo Mills they introduced us to Buc-ee’s! Talk about an experience!

One of the largest gas stations in the world!

Before leaving Oklahoma we stopped into an Antique store, they had been moving into the building for the last couple of weeks, they weren’t open for business yet but he let us do some shopping.

Treasures await

After we left the antique store, Mitch realized he locked the keys in Harvy.

Mitch having to crawl through the window
Yeah, I had to leave him stuck in the window for a minute so I could get a picture, then I pushed him through

Thanks for traveling along with us on our bucket list of the east coast. We had a wonderful time and so glad to have shared it with you all.



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2 thoughts on “Made it Home

  1. I enjoyed your trip so much., brought back some memories of some of our travels, so nice to have the time to explore and not always go, go, go! It is always nice to get back in your own bed though!

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