Onto Tennessee

9-27-2022-We woke to a sunshiny day and feel more rested than we have in a couple weeks.

Foggy sunrise at Kincaid state park in Kentucky

We have our morning joe and get ready to go. On our drive out we are in awe of how beautiful Kentucky is.

Leaving the park

I gotta say, of all the state parks we’ve stayed at, Kentucky wins the best amenities and customer service. The park actually has a golf course, a washer and dryer, electricity and water, heated bathrooms and warm showers that continue to run.

Kentucky goes big in the state park department

The park ranger came over after we arrived, asked if we had any questions and said to give him a call if we needed anything. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Just so serene
Thanks Kincaid Lake State Park!

As we drove south we passed a sign Mitch saw that said something about the Walking Dead. Had to turnaround and see what it was about.

Cynthiana, Kentucky home of The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman and Artist Tony Moore
After a quick google search we also found out it has the largest Mural of TWD
The Walking Dead mural in Cynthiana Kentucky

After a quick stop into the town we thought maps would get us back on the freeway.. nope next thing ya know we’re on the back roads of Kentucky. Talk about big beautiful houses.

The roads are NARROW. Unfortunately a bucket truck got too close to the edge and turned over, so we rerouted. The funny part is that Mitch changed the voice on Siri because he was tired of her getting us on narrow roads (side note-Harvy’s mirror hit a previously busted mail truck mirror on a narrow DC street) so now he has this guys voice, which I swear is a fake English accent, and it’s still getting us on some questionable roads. My man, so cute, now he’s mad at the guy voice! He calls him Billy!Ha

Them hills are rollin!
A castle in Kentucky

Hello Tennessee! We mapped our way to see the grand ol’ Opry

We park at the mills malls, see the building across the way and say. Yeah, that’s gotta be the Grand Ol Opry and call it good
Nashville Tennesse
The Marathon Motor Works Building

We then decide to head over to the antique archeology store from American Pickers we used to watch on tv with pops. The store is located in a historic building called the Marathon Motor Works in Nashville Tennessee.

Mural on side of building
The inside has a variety of stores throughout and is like a museum of items used in the building before
Sign explaining the pulleys
An old pay phone
An old cash register
If I knew I’d tell you..
The inside walkway leading to all the treasures you didn’t know you needed

We did a lap, stopped into a whiskey store, olive oil store, a knife store and then finally found our destination.

Antique Archeology
Outside of the store

The following photos are items in the store, all the treasures Mike Wolf has acquired.

When we checked out, the lady behind the register was so engaging and kind. Her name is Jen, and she makes that place extra special.

Jen on the left and her co-worker on the right

Stopped into a few thrift stores, did some treasure hunting. We made it to our campsite around 8 pm, plugged in Harvy and watched a couple King of Queens on DVD that we found at a thrift store near the beginning of our travels almost two months ago. Having an 8 hour drive tomorrow we didn’t even pull out our camping chairs for the night. Oklahoma here we come!



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One thought on “Onto Tennessee

  1. Thats cool you got to see American Pickers pickins! I bet that was interesting for you as a bonafide relic rescuer yerselves! I loved that show too. Thx for sharing.

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