Rollie Pollie and The Tadpole

When I see a Monarch butterfly it makes me think of my mom, when Mitch see’s a hummingbird it reminds him of his dad. I believe most people have something in the wild that remind them of a loved one that’s passed.  I asked Mitch the other day what he would want to remind meContinue reading “Rollie Pollie and The Tadpole”

Our Neck Of The Woods

Although we’ve lived in Medical Lake for many years, we’re surprised we haven’t been to more places and done more things that are so close to home. Klinks We decided that we would try Klinks, out on Williams Lake. It’s only about a 40 minute drive from our house. Initially we just wanted to rent kayaksContinue reading “Our Neck Of The Woods”

It’lldo, Ruby Sue, and My Love

Itlldo In a previous post I’d mentioned that I was going to trade in Fancy (my Volkswagen Tiguan) for a different car. To my surprise it happened without any problems….except what to name her. She has a lot less miles, not as many bells and whistles and is exactly everything I could need, as ifContinue reading “It’lldo, Ruby Sue, and My Love”