Keepers of the Wild

Day in and day out we’ve been trying to get the eBay store organized, making the house more of a home and trying to get doctors, insurance, appointments and such squared away. We all needed a break, and I found a great deal on Groupon to go to keepers of the wild! It was half the cost (10 dollars each) and would’ve been worth the full 20 dollars per person. For an additional 10 you can ride on a guided tour. A few of us took the tour, while the rest of us walked.

I could bearly contain my joy while watching this guy play in the water

This is not a zoo, it is a sanctuary for mistreated, neglected or animals that have encountered causes to be taken in.

What do you call a camel with 3 humps? Pregnant!

Mitch and I were of the walking crowd, but the sisters rode on the tour, and said that they learned the history and circumstances that brought each animal to them.

They don’t cheetah him out of treats

Some of the cats here came from the Tiger King situation. We arrived Tuesday the 7th of June at 10 am and it was already HOT.

There’s no monkey business, just toys galore for this little one

Their habitats are well kept, and they are very cared for. We learned that the best time to take the guided tour is at 3 pm, because that’s feeding time and you can really see all the animals.

This little bandit stole the love

The raccoon was Taylor’s favorite animal of the whole place, that sweet face captured her heart.

What in the tortoise nation are you looking at? He says

Not all of the animals were visible, some were napping in the shade, but on the ride the tour guide does give them treats while sharing their history.

I ain’t lion, he loved my singing

I sang to the lion, trying to get him to look my way, but instead he made a huge yawn, roared a little and laid his head down. I’m going to say he liked it, in my head he loved it.. everyone else around.. meh not so much. After watching my video back, I see why. I sound sooo much better in my head!

These two were “lynxed” at the hip

We shopped at the gift shop afterwards, grateful for the experience and glad to know these animals are in good hands.

If you don’t like puns, no problama… this is the last pic

We plan to return to for a 3 pm tour in the future, learn more about each animal and give to a good cause. If you’re ever near Kingman Arizona and love rescued animals, this is a great place to visit, it is actually located in Valentine AZ.



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