When the beauty is beyond description

Our first whole day on our trip and what did we do? Organized! Learning my weaknesses has taught me to figure out better ways to adapt. I can never remember what I put in what bag. And boy do I have bags. A candy bag ( yes the biggest bag of em all), tricks ofContinue reading “When the beauty is beyond description”

Lifetime 20 ft. x 8 ft. Garden Building Plastic Shed

It must be a year of sheds, since we tore one down, moved one and now we built one! This post is all about that experience. I hope it helps if you decide to build it, so it’s more of a review and a how to. We finished putting the shed together over three daysContinue reading “Lifetime 20 ft. x 8 ft. Garden Building Plastic Shed”

Love is in the Air….stream

Yep, we bought an airstream! It’s a 1968 safari 22’ airstream. It was remodeled about 4 years ago and we decided it was the best investment in regards to any RV. Seriously, these things keep their value, thankfully we got a good deal on it. Most importantly, Nettie loves it, since it’s going to beContinue reading “Love is in the Air….stream”