As I’ve mentioned before, we all take turns cooking. We tried The Who’s next plan, but it had some flaws, mainly us forgetting the order we would go, so we amended it, to pick specific days. Mitch is Sunday, Angel is Monday, I’m Tuesday, Taylor is Wednesday, Eli is Thursday and Nettie has Fridays. Saturday is fend for yourself day or whoever has an idea.

This past Tuesday as we sat around having dinner, someone asked Miss Taylor, who’s 12, what she was making for dinner tomorrow. She’s mastered the grilled cheese, Ramen noodles and spaghettios, and is an amazing assistant when I’ve been cooking or baking in the kitchen. She wasn’t sure what to make, so it was suggested she check out some cook books to get some ideas. I immediately go to the bookshelf and grab her a stack of recipe books.

The stack of cook books

In the stack, was a recipe book that her Great Great Grandma Baldock had created years ago.

She began reading the inscription, and got quite intrigued.

Not only did she decide to make a few things from the book, but she’s now committed to making everything in the book. Each week, when it’s her turn to cook, we get to experience the new generation honoring the past. She made a list of everything in the book and will check them off once created.

She made for us Beef steak bundles

copper carrot Pennie’s

Together they tasted really good

and snicker German cake, so yummy!

We also learned that oleo is another word for margarine
Delicious with vanilla ice cream (notice the counter)

She was in the kitchen for hours, slicing dicing and baking. It was all her, except for cutting the meat, which she asked nana (angel) for assistance.

Master chef Tay, cutting onions like the pro’s on the shows

As the evening died down, Mitch and I were still awake at midnight, digging through more boxes. Exhausted, we finally called it a night around 12:30 am. Approximately 2 a.m. we are woke by a panicked knock on our door, and Angela’s voice saying, “you guys! Taylor got bit by a scorpion on her chest while she was sleeping! I don’t know what to do!” We hop out of bed, skeptical that it was a scorpion because we just had the whole house sprayed for bugs on the 9th. When Mitch made it into her room, there it was laying on the bed…dead. Mitch grabbed a paper towel and took it off her bed. Taylor had already been up, icing it, fearful of the possibility that it could kill her.

The culprit
It was a bark scorpion

Not only was she bit, under the sheets, under her shirt, she was bit on the hand. She was in quit a bit of pain, saying it felt like 5 bee stings, but mainly the fear of getting bit by a poisonous scorpion had her in a panic. Honestly, we were all in a panic. We decided to call poison control to ask what to do. They stated that we need to watch her eyes, if they begin darting back and forth, nausea and vomiting and difficulty breathing we should take her into the emergency room. Mainly in the first hour, otherwise use an ice pack for the pain and try to keep her calm to reduce the spread of the venom. The hour passed, all was good and she fell back to sleep before the rest of us did.

Nettie decided to go out on the back patio after all the excitement, and spotted a large black spider up on the ceiling.

This was identified as a wolf spider by the pest control guy

So how did the scorpion get to Taylor you ask, well, I’d ordered her a day bed from Amazon but it wasn’t scheduled to be delivered until June! She had her bed, but no frame. Since the exterminators came and sprayed, we thought she’d be safe sleeping on the bed on the floor. Wow, were we wrong! Having a frame that keeps the bed off from the floor, is essential, as scorpions can’t climb up wood or metal. Our friends lent us a frame and box spring the next day. We canceled the daybed order and decided to just get a frame so she can stay safe and get it sooner.

We called patriot environmental (the exterminator company) and told them what had happened the night before and they sent someone back out within hours, and at no charge.

The next morning she said her hand tingled a little and the other area didn’t hurt at all anymore. Our tough little cookie took it like a champ, and now has bragging rights.



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  1. OMG Arizona is not a place I would ever pick to live. But I guess you get used to living with them. We have wasps and love Tristan! 🥰

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