Lost and Yet to be Found

Things get lost, that happens in life, but in the whirlwind of moving there are still things missing. We’ve officially been in the house a month now and I have a box missing, my blow dryer, curling iron.. no where to be found. Maybe some day it’ll show up.

Speaking of things getting lost, Mitch got me a Tile. I put it on my keychain, so if I lose my keys I can find it with my phone and if I lose my phone I can push the tile button twice and it’ll alarm on my phone! it has already come in very handy!

We sold a book on eBay, searched high and low and it seems to be lost forever. We canceled the order, but still keep searching.

In the midst of getting situated even my drill ( the lightweight house drill) had vanished for weeks.

There was a bounty for it, Taylor would receive an extra hour of phone time if she found it, she traded Mitch a foot massage if he found it for her. We all hunted throughout the house for days, to no avail. Just two days ago, Mitch was getting a bathroom vanity moved that he’d taken out of our bathroom and was going to put in the other one when… taadaa!

He inadvertently put it in there when the plumber was here and he too was working in our bathroom. He hasn’t cashed in the foot massage, so Taylor hasn’t been rewarded the extra hour yet.

Overall the chaos has died down, we helped Angel go through her storage unit yesterday, we got a truck load of stuff and plan to have ANOTHER yard sale this week.

our living room is lined with boxes of just had to have or I love it items that we are all parting with.

Taylor’s latest recipe of her great great grandma book was split pea soup with a side of deviled eggs. It was the best split pea soup I’ve ever had! With some bacon cooking assistance for Mitch. She did a great job

My hedgehog, Kiwi has a tumor that just appeared last week. It’s a mammary gland tumor, quite common in hedgehogs and once it’s detected they say it’s usually too late. As of now he’s still enjoying the finer things in life, his toilet paper roll, meal worms and running on his wheel.

Kiwi getting his spa treatment, nail trim and bath. The tumor is on his right side (left side in photo), visible in photo

I woke up around 8 the other morning and Mitch had already been hard at work for hours

Mitch working hard and I’m hardly working

He decided to spruced up the back patio adding pavers so we aren’t always tracking in grass.

The beautiful end results

I’ve been trying to organize as I go, I went through all our pens.

Where you pen all my life
I know.. still so many pens, but they all work!

Mitch is onto another project.. changing out our kitchen sink. He wanted a different faucet and I wanted a different sink, off to Home Depot we went. We also ordered a new fridge and over the range microwave. Will keep you posted on that down the road. Remodeling the kitchen will be a rewarding endeavor.

Ummm… ok a few days have passed again, sink is in

My man the fix it guy

We had our yard sale

Our driveway is finally free of stuff! The rest is loaded in the back of the truck to donate

And This morning, Sunday the 5th we decided to work on the kitchen before we get our new appliances!

We plan to paint and add new hardware
Mitch taped up a towel because he kept hitting his head
So long head bonker cabinets
We took out the frosted filters and the wooden squares holding them up.

We plan to replace the lights with other light fixtures

We’ll keep you posted on our progress!



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