Las Vegas Vacation

One perk of moving here to Kingman Arizona is that we’re less than 2 hours from Vegas baby! A few weeks ago, late one evening, Mitch and I were talking about taking a little getaway, We’ve been in the mix of things for months, just feeling like we’ve been in go mode. Our main objective was to go and eat at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas. We’ve watched that show for years, always wondering what that food on TV tasted like!

The restaurant is located in Caesar’s palace, so my first idea was to stay there. With all the discounted online prices I was shocked to see that the lowest price for a night was around $300! Yeah, no thanks! I found a great deal at treasure island through agoda, please keep in mind if you do book through them the resort will still charge a fee when you arrive. We paid 135.47 for two nights when I made the reservation and then there was a resort fee of $88.44 we had to pay when we got there.

We made reservations at Hell’s Kitchen through open table the only available time was late, late as in 10:45 pm! Since we’ve been staying up late since we’ve moved down here, thankfully it wouldn’t be a problem for us.

We headed to Las Vegas Monday June 13th 2022 around 10:30. We were 40 minutes from Vegas when traffic came to a halt.

The nice thing is that in maps with an iPhone, they actually show accidents ahead when people report it.

What a surprise that there was a fire on the side of the road
Down the road was the culprit of the fire, the only thing left was the propane tanks!

I decided to look into getting a couples massage for us while we were there, but then again, it’s expensive … unless you go through Groupon! I found one and scheduled it for the the day we got there. Since it was so affordable I scheduled us another massage for the following day! We had to call each place and actually schedule the appointments, but it was easy peesy! The first place was called Avalon day spa, Mitch loved his massage, said it was one of the best massages ever.

Ask for Kim

Her name was Kim if you decide to go. My massage left a lot to be desired. I felt like I was pizza dough being kneaded from head to toe quicker than an Amazon packer packs. I came out feeling frazzled and over processed.

We did the self check in at Treasure Island, and it was super easy and fast.

Treasure Island

We decided to tour the town, and wow, did we do some walking. Mitch’s Apple Watch app has us at 18 miles by the end of the trip!

Mitch taking in the sights, he didn’t even know I was going to take a picture. He just naturally poses
We horsed around Cesar’s Palace

I even get enough nerve to go into some of the fancy stores just to check them out! A little FYI.. the most affordable thing in Tiffany’s is their perfume for around $100 and if your looking for something in Louis Vuitton the most affordable item was around $300.. honestly I don’t remember what it was, my brain must’ve blocked it out after seeing that price. I do have to say though, everyone who worked the stores were very nice and welcoming. I decided to go spend 6 dollars for 1/4 of a lb of chocolate at the candy store.

They have a giant gummy bear for $40

We walked around sight seeing for hours, it was around 9 o’clock and it seemed like our hotel was so far away (actually it was probably 3 blocks) but the idea of walking back to the hotel to change clothes then back to Hells kitchen and then back again was way too much. So we gambled away some time and money waiting for 10:45. Finally the moment arrived, we were going to eat at Hell’s Kitchen!

Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas

The place was packed, and louder than I had envisioned. We were so excited to eat the infamous food finally!

We ordered scallops and shrimp cocktail

The scallops were good, and the shrimp was huge.

I ordered the chicken with truffles, it was quite tasty with a bit of spice which I liked
Mitch got the beef Wellington

Mitch said it was the best steak he’s ever had, you could cut through it with a fork

We must’ve been their favorite customers of the day.. they gave us a free dessert! It was made of dates, and we were on a date! How sweet is that?

It was at the end of their day, the kitchen crew was cleaning up and I asked if I could take a picture and they were kind enough to even pose for me!

I have to say, I was expecting life changing food, the kind of food that would spoil my pallet to the point that no other meal in my life would ever compare. It was not that, but it was good and I’m so glad we did it. Now I tell ya, the thing that made the experience the best I’ve ever had was the service! They were amazing, attentive and so friendly! They sure know how to make you feel like you matter.

We headed back to the hotel around midnight and yet the streets were still alive with all the hustle and bustle just as it was during the daytime.

The girls on the street arrested me,
the crime.. being so darn adorable

Mitch surprised me in the morning with Starbucks before we drove over to circus circus. I’d heard that they have games just like at a fair! I was not disappointed! We played every game and some of them twice! Pop the balloons, ring toss, squirt guns, ball tossing games that make the horses race, darts, they got it all! We each got a $100 pass card and went nuts! I felt like a kid again!

Not as easy as it looks I tell ya

There was one game where you had to knock all 3 blocks off the table, and if you did, you won a HUGE stuffed animal. Not just any stuffed animal, a giant hedge hog! For those of you who don’t know, I have a hedge hog named kiwi. What a dream come true it would be.

My sweet baby Kiwi

I remember years ago seeing a girl with one of those huge stuffed animals at a carnival, walking with her guy. I hoped someday I would be blessed enough to have a special moment like that. Here it was, the opportunity to have my sweetheart win me a giant stuffed animal! Mitch was so close so many times, he’d get two blocks knocked off and the third would be right on the edge. I came close to winning a few times myself, but this game was a challenge. We spent a good portion our money at this one booth, trying to get a jumbo kiwi. The excitement was building, even the guy working the booth began rooting for us! With unwavering determination my sweetheart made my dream come true!

I got to be the lucky girl

I’ve never been so exited in my life! This moment was one of the best times in my life, and it was all because of my man! We won tons of other stuffed animals, some games you could keep playing and trade up for bigger prizes.

Overjoyed with all the winnings, when we got home we gave them to our neighbor (except kiwi) who works for the fire dept to give to children

We got our second massage at aloe day spa.

Off to have lunch! Let me just preface this part of the story with the best tip I can give you if you go to Vegas, plan your parking wisely! Even when I thought we were close to our destination, we would walk in the wrong direction and it took so much longer than necessary. In Vegas heat, with the Vegas sun and the Vegas blocks it is brutal! Take your time to map out exactly which way to go. Also, because there is some sort of Vegas time warp, and time flies by, it’s easy to forget where you parked. I suggest taking a picture, and no, we didn’t have any adult beverages that might make our memory fuzzy.

We ate at the famous whalburgers
Mitch got their bacon double spicy burger
I got the original whalburger

The food was good, they make your burgers how you like em, rare, medium, well done.. that’s nice. After watching all their shows, it’s nice to once again actually experience the food, plus I got a t-shirt that says “ mom’s favorite” since I just loved Alma, she was my favorite.

Fremont street here we come!

This is where the party is at!

Visiting Fremont street really is an experience! From one end to the other there is so much to take in. Performers, dancing dj’s, artists, people creating art from leaves, a zip line to ride, and tons of people.

Good times on Fremont street
Spray paint art created right in front of you
He is sculpting this dog from a picture on a cell phone

They have circles throughout the streets where the talent sets up.

See you next time Fremont street

Two days in Vegas and we packed it full of experiences!

Kiwi met his jumbo stuffed animal version
Kiwi says, “hey, why you look like me?”

We’d like to return, bring the whole family and go on the zip line sometime. What a wonderful time I had with my sweetie!



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