Zip lining in Durango Co

Today is September 12, 2022 and we have officially been there and done that! We booked our bucket list item through Durango Adventures.

We drove an hour this morning from Towaoc
and made it to our appointment early.

This has been a long time coming, Mitch and I haven’t done anything this adventurous together… ever. Unless you count when we were dating and we hiked Palouse falls on accident, (went the easy way down and the HARD way up) and me on the verge of tears because it was soooo narrow!

Mitch, always ready for a little adrenaline

We were greeted by Skylyr, she made sure we didn’t bring anything we didn’t want to drop, weighed us in and gave us a band that signified what belt we needed. Once the other party arrived that was also scheduled we watched a short video. Then we met our guides, Boggs and Sam. They gave us our gear, made sure we were all suited up and then we hiked.

Boggs and Sam

The hike was about 15 minutes long… maybe a little longer since I’m not one to keep up with the pack. But they were great, they stopped at shaded spots a few times and gave us time to catch our breath.

Before our first zip line, you see that brave face?
This is really how each of us felt

On my first ever in my life zip line I slowly walk to the edge, practically sitting in the harness before I even got off the platform, thinking that if I started slow, I wouldn’t go very fast. Yeah, no luck with that! Honestly, I began to wonder if anyone had ever passed out because of the overload of adrenaline, and if not would I be the first? By the time I made it to the other side I would’ve swore I was gonna spat right onto that tree, just like George of the jungle. To my overwhelming relief, as fast as I was going, they stopped me just as fast.

Each line I screamed a little less and enjoyed the ride a little more.. but I think I shut my eyes every time I got close to the end

We booked the 12 line tour, and thankfully we did. The first six are warm ups for what’s to come with the next six!

Halfway down.. now onto the faster rides!

Mitch on the other hand, beyond excited to experience the speed went running off the first platform getting as much speed as possible! He loved every minute and the faster the better.

Look ma, no hands

I was brave enough to let go of one hand for one second on one of the lines and awarded myself with a, “oh yeah, I’m a bad ass!” as i clung desperately to cable.

The last zip line goes right over the parking lot so Harvy the RV got to see us zipping down the line
Amazingly welcoming patio area when you finish
Mission accomplished

One of the lines is named Destiny, in honor of a co-worker who had passed away. Knowing her story after we were in the office I saw a quote by her.

I love that they honor her memory and share spirit

We asked the guys where’s the best Mexican restaurant, and on Boggs suggestion we went to La Hacienda.

Oh yum! Was it gooooood!

We stopped at a couple thrift stores, no treasures to be found and got a couple things at Walmart. Now.. where to stay for the night. It was 4:46 and the boondocking location was 30 minutes in the opposite direction. Walmart was an option but, we like to sit outside, enjoy the outdoors and just relax. That isn’t ideal at a Walmart. I asked Mitch, “Do you think Durango Adventures would let us stay in their parking lot of for the night?” He said, “we’ll it couldn’t hurt to ask.” So I called and asked. Skylyr said, “let me call the owner and ask. I’ll call you back.” She did and he said YES!

A little evening wind down, star gazing and post writing, right where all the action took place

Tomorrow we head towards Denver, stopping halfway there to stay somewhere. When we know, I’ll let you know.

The final line

Thank you Durango Adventures for being beyond awesome, each and everyone of you! Click here to go to their website if you ever find yourself in Durango.



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2 thoughts on “Zip lining in Durango Co

  1. I could just hear the whooping from Mitch as he flew through the air!!! Wow! You got 12 rides! Awesome post kiddos! Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. Sam and Boggs looked like some of our long lost cousins!

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