North platte Nebraska

We arrived at Buffalo Bill’s on September 16th, 2022

Buffalo Bill’s home for 30 years
His favorite chair
Annie Oakley
View from the path
How they kept food cool
The spring that kept food cool
The cabin that bill built with a friend
I think we go.. that way

After seeing the house, we were ready to call it a day. Thankfully there’s a campground just down the road to stay at. It’s old school, no online reservations, just fill out the form when you get there.

Buffalo Bill’s state park campground
We stayed at site 17, such a peaceful and well kept campground

The weather seemed ominous as the wind picked up, so we began to wonder about tornados and we checked online.

Bad weather makes for great pictures
Strobe light show like no other!
It was pitch black, hailing, raining, and when the lightening would strike it lit up the campground
Mitch got this picture standing next to the RV
Lightening storm
The next morning was serene
We sat at this bench and enjoyed the sunrise

Thankfully there was no tornado, and we headed east to Omaha Nebraska.



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