Great Sand Dunes of Colorado

Going to the sand dunes, the morning was ideal. Clouds, cool and not crowded. Arriving at the parking area, people were pulling in, ready to hike the half mile walk to the dunes. We made it to Denver, visited our loving families and had an amazing time catching up. Today, 9-16-2022 we are heading northContinue reading “Great Sand Dunes of Colorado”

Zip lining in Durango Co

Today is September 12, 2022 and we have officially been there and done that! We booked our bucket list item through Durango Adventures. This has been a long time coming, Mitch and I haven’t done anything this adventurous together… ever. Unless you count when we were dating and we hiked Palouse falls on accident, (wentContinue reading “Zip lining in Durango Co”