Dubuque Iowa

We left our campground this morning sept 20th 2022 and toured some of the town of Dubuque.

First we had a traveling companion

We made it to the mines of Spain and went for a little hike. Mitch appeased me, as I Just really liked the name.

Building at the mines of Spain in Dubuque Iowa
The history about the family that built it
The trail
Back up the steps
It’s an optical illusion folks, it’s his belt! But.. he cracks me up. hahahaha
Can you guess what mitch is thinking?
See below for answer
We encountered a frog on the way back up, can you see him?
The buildings downtown in Dubuque Iowa
Btw.. some people don’t pick up after there dogs in this state either. Guess that’s a universal thing.
We went to a few thrift stores
Crossing over the Mississippi River towards Wisconsin
Wild flowers at Mines of Spain

It’s a muggy evening, we’re currently in governor Dodge state park in Wisconsin. We are staying at Twin Valley campground. Did I mention it was muggy. Humid. Sticky. Icky. It’s almost 10 pm and the temperature is 77 degrees. The nature has a different rhythm, not so loud, a more rhythmic song. I think it’s frogs and cicadas..

Video of the night songs in Wisconsin

Answer to what Mitch was thinking… I still have cooked bacon in the freezer, I think I’ll have a bacon sandwich for dinner tonight.



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