The Maine Lobster Story

10/8/2022 I don’t know how many people said, “oh my gosh, you’re going to Maine! You gotta get the lobster while you’re there!” I’ve never liked lobster, but I’ve never had lobster from without further ado…

Baked stuffed lobster at saltwater grille in Maine

Yes! It was as big as it looks in the picture! 1-1/2 LBS! The meat was tender, and it was good and fresh… but for me, already having an aversion to most seafood. It was not working. I just don’t have a hankering for lobster.

Me thinking.. this is huge

Then seeing his claws, the legs, the tail the whole lobster 🦞 it was like eating a hamburger served in a cows head or a chicken sandwich with its little chicken feet dancing on top of the bread. But, no regerts! Had to try it, from where it comes, just in case…as most people say, you gotta get it fresh.

Mitch got a Lobster roll

I’m telling ya people.. I tried it and I don’t like it. Its like sushi, and people be like, oh well you just haven’t had good sushi.. no, it’s just that I don’t like sushi. I’ve tried it plenty of times.. another thing, I don’t like s’mores. There I put it out there. It’s a crumbly, sticky, not good enough for the hassle of dessert. Give me a fruit roll up any day.

What do you think Mitch thought of his lobster experience? Answer down below..

We went to the Portland Head Light after lunch. we scootered about, making something that would’ve been super tough on our backs, tolerable. Yay scoots!

The most photographed light house Portland Head Light

Mitch looking up at the light house
Cape Elizabeth Portland light house
Where the poet sat
I sat
and this what I looked up to see,
does this a poet
make me?
On our way down to the beach we got a fresh angle of the lighthouse
I finally got to wear one of my hats!
As did Mitch
We FINALLY used a beach blanket and pillow I got at a yard sale 3 years ago! I knew someday we’d use it. Our backs got sore so we laid up against each other and searched in the sand. Forest Gump style
We found blue today!

The answer of Mitch’s lobster time… well while in Maine give it a shot, but I’ll stick to bacon over lobster any day of the week!



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