Scooters, Starbucks and Subways in NYC

10/15/2022 we made our way to NYC. Let me tell ya, them-there PATH subways are packed with people! Mitch and I decided to take the scooters. Getting off and on a with more than your own two feet is a challenge. People have no patience or tolerance, you gotta get out of the way or get ran over.

The PATH subway system from New Jersey city will take you to the One World Trade Center, (also called the Oculus transportation hub.) Navigating back up to street level was a challenge in itself. (Just keep going up) but again mind you we had 50lb scooters. This is Mitch trying to find our way out of the building after we arrived.
This is in front of the one world observatory

Once we arrived to New York we wanted Starbucks, but where to find it? Siri told us it was there but we couldn’t find it.. finally we saw someone drinking one and they explained it was down below inside the building.

Downtown NYC (the one moment there wasn’t a person)

We got our coffees and now need to find a place to lock up the scooters. We look left, then right, but no bike racks in sight. I suggest up a street, so Mitch heads that way. As I try to hold my coffee and lift my scooter from the sidewalk down to the road from the curb, I see a cop car turn around towards me, and I don’t want to jay walk. I hesitated to continue across the road having to lift my scooter down off the curb with my drink, so I begin to turn the scooter away from the ledge of the road. In doing so, I trip myself up and completely fall backwards, with my scooter and my coffee onto the sidewalk. Of course all of this is in slow motion and as I realize my surroundings, I notice a huge line of people waiting to get into a building, and they are all looking at me. I’m still on the ground and a young man runs over to check on me, asks if I’m ok, I say, “oh yeah, thanks, I’m alright, I was just trying to save my coffee.” He then asks me again , “are you sure you’re ok?” As he helps me up from the ground. I tell him, “I’m fine, but thank you.” I think how sweet he was to be so kind, and then I had to laugh at what I must’ve looked like. When Mitch looks behind him once across the road, I’m already on my feet and he sees the guy helping lift my scooter up not knowing I’d had fallen.

Chinese food from Bao Bao Cafe

We also rode across the Brooklyn Bridge

There are separate paths for bikes cars and walking
The Brooklyn Bridge is the place to buy souvenirs.
On the Brooklyn Bridge

After hours of touristing, tumbling and direction rumblings we both had to go!

NYC = NP2P (no place 2 pee)
If you eat and drink too much along the way, you’ll have to look for a restaurant in hopes they have a bathroom. Dunkin’ doughnuts did not. This diner was nice enough let us use the restroom
Waiting for the subway back to NJ
The view of New York from New Jersey as we head back to Harvey.

We live to drink coffee another day..



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