New Orleans

We made our first trip to New Orleans last Saturday, although the following Tuesday we had plans to go with a group here from the RV Park, Mitch, my man of steel, couldn’t wait. If you recall in my last post about the rust on the truck, and how we bought tools to work on WillyContinue reading “New Orleans”

Mucking Around in Mississippi

We’ve been here in Mississippi now for more than a week, and not much has happened.  It’s been rainy, cool and just a bit blah.  Mitch and I have been playing scrabble, watching some old movies and just piddling around. Papa has been keeping occupied with his word search and hasn’t done much metal detectingContinue reading “Mucking Around in Mississippi”

Made it to Mississippi

Things only break when you use them, or need them, or…. ok really whenever! What could possibly have gone wrong now you ask?  Well, the latest problems come in two parts; let me tell you how it all went down. Frist I would like to share some of our favorite pictures we took before weContinue reading “Made it to Mississippi”