The Return of Be and We

Of all the things that I miss when there’s an overload of work in life, I miss just resting my brain the most. The freedom to be me again, and not feel like the walking half dead. I was thinking I could describe remodeling a house and finally being done as getting the monkey off our back, but it wouldn’t be fitting unless it was a poop flinging, screaming, sharp clawed meanie monkey that never gave us a moment of peace, and haunted our every thought. Then maybe it would be descriptive enough. There’s a twist to this story though because the second that monkey jumped off our back, we had to haul our ol’ tired bones over to the big house to get it ready for our new renter.


The Big House

We hadn’t finished doing trim inside The Big House before we had moved out a few years ago, so our next couple weeks was fine tuning lots of areas.


To trim out the upstairs would’ve cost way to much, instead I used a putty knife to pull back the carpet and painted the wall where it meets the carpet.

While I painted Mitch completed tons of trim work

While I painted, Mitch completed tons of trim work


Trimming the windows

Thankfully we had the time to do all that work before our new renter moved in, and the fact that we actually already had it rented, phew!

Finally trimmed out the bathroom!

Finally trimmed out the bathroom!

Plus, it was good just to keep on keeping on with the work until it was all done.

Even the fireplace got spruced up with trim

Even the fireplace got spruced up with trim

What are you looking at you ask, you are look at a newly installed transition bar!

What are you looking at you ask…. you’re look at a newly installed transition bar!

I am beyond happy to report that we also now have renters in the Yeller Feller!  After 8 months of paying two mortgages we can finally, finally release that top button on those pants that are two sizes too small, take our first deep breath, hopefully stop hemorrhaging out money and start paying down our mountain of debt.  Happy days are here again! Not only are the new renters wonderful, the house is designed perfectly for their needs and they love everything about it! Definitely one of the perks of owning the houses next door, picking our neighbors!


The yeller feller is in the background of the tulip happy to have become a home

Flowers are blooming, days are getting longer and spring is in the air….ahhhh. I’ve now been able to direct my attention to doing the things I’ve been thinking about for months.


Happy to just BEE


Yes, I know, I’m still working on organizing.  I’m getting there though, seriously!  Now I’ve learned that there are things made in this world that really help to keep things organized.


Everything out on the counter waiting for their new officially designated container

I used to just straighten things out and hope they stayed that way, HA, what was I thinking?


Hello plastic drawers, shelves, racks, compartments, and baskets you are my new found happy place!


Happy shoes


Happy books


Happy dog treats, rubber gloves, work gloves, manuals, light bulbs and Mitch’s hats


Happy candy reserves hidden in baskets


working on being a happy closet. Decided to use shoe holder for sweaters! works great!


I’ve designated every third Saturday morning after work as papa pedicure time.  Last Saturday, while soaking his feet I changed his sheets and as you can see pops was also multitasking too, getting a pedicure, napping and holding the blankets.


Sorry Felicity, Pops and my hubby are my only exception to the rule of no pedicures, but I love ya!

About a month ago we went and got his oxygen levels checked, we found that pops only needs oxygen when walking,  so now he’s set up to do some Walmart laps and mosey around the block with me.  He’s such  character and loves to find change when we go out for walks.

Who's the REAL cookie monster!

Who’s the REAL cookie monster!

I convinced him a couple months ago to go into Shopko and give me his opinion on some sweaters, while we were roaming around, he was determined to find money. I decided the best way to make his day was to increase his odds, thankfully I had some change in my purse. Needless to say he left the store 62 cents richer and I found some awesome clearance sweaters, all papa approved.

That's right world, I'm that darn cute!

That’s right world, I’m that darn cute!  Milo says, “hey what am I, chopped liver? “



Taking the dogs to a groomer is pretty much out of the question, both because of price and the concerns of leaving them there with strangers.


I’ve become a pretty good groomer, trimming their hair with scissors and a grooming razor, they usually fall asleep during the process, thankfully.  It’s definitely not a professional looking end result, but I get the job done.


Little dog takes big dog’s spot, the nerve!

The next day, Mitch and I each took a dog and finished them off with baths and clean dog beds. I’ve gotten so good, Pops lets me cut his hair now too, the funny thing is, he moves around more than the dogs do!


What? Who? Me?


Before we traveled I was all about only doing things that we saved up for, never incurring any debt and putting things off until we could afford it.  So basically we didn’t do much of anything, and were always so mindful of the cost of everything. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but it became more important not to have debt than to have life experiences. We’ve thrown that out the window and went to the debt side, oh i mean dark side.


Even Milo stuck his tongue out when I asked him what he thought about us going from one extreme to the other.

Hopefully in the future we can find a happy medium, where we still do things, incur a little debt along the way and pay it off within a reasonable time frame. As for right now, we’ve taken on so much water, a couple more drops isn’t going to break us, so we decided it’s time to reward ourselves with something we’ve wanted for years, we’re going to get kayaks! We are blessed enough to live in a town with a few lakes, we love to kayak and just haven’t made time for it before, but now we will.


Mitch testing out the dry hatch on a kayak when we started look at kayaks. 

We’re looking forward to sharing pictures of our future outings from a whole new perspective! wahoo!

This is the kayak we've decided on and will out on the lake next month! It's a an Elie Sound 100 XE

This is the kayak we’ve decided on and will be out on the lake next month! It’s a an Elie Sound 100 XE.



Fall Foliage at Manito Park

Many years have passed here in Spokane, Washington when the weather turns from hot to freezing cold and we are deprived of the wonderful in-between seasons.  I am beyond happy to report that this year we have gotten all four seasons, and fall hasn’t been forgotten by mother nature. Papa and I decided to go to Manito Park to soak up all the splendid colors.




Nishinomiya Japanese Garden at Manito Park

The temperature has gradually cooled down giving  the leaves a chance to change colors before falling.


There are many other gardens at Manito Park and it’s all FREE!


Papa officially soaking up the splendor



The cutest tree I’ve ever seen!


When I asked Papa how much he loved me, he said with his arms wide open...THIS MUCH

When I asked Papa, “how much do you love me?”he said with his arms wide open…”THIS MUCH!”


There are huge Koi fish in the pond


Now this is an awesome autumn


Park bench to ponder life? Or just a place to take a load off.


Well, Papa thought it was funny!


After doing a lap around the garden we worked up an appetite and decide to get Panda Express for lunch


Soon all the flowers will be gone, but there are still a few blooming

We stopped at the Duncan Garden on our way out. Soon all the flowers will be gone, but there are still a few blooming


Many people run laps on this trail that goes around the garden

Hey, there's Papa

Hey, there’s Papa, walking through the perennials




They have a map of all the different roses in the rose garden

During the summer there are roses as far as the eye can see

During the summer there are roses as far as the eye can see


I found a few roses still going strong



miniature rose



All squirrels in the world I’ve named Henford, so when you see your next squirrel say hey Henford, what’s up! He’ll give you this look saying, “How do you know my name?”



I’ve named this flower…Pretty.


What a cool color this guy is! Oh, I just love flowers.


I can’t get over the viberant color of this burning bush.  Happy happy overload of fall colors. Yahoo!


Heading down the steps to go get food with Pops

close up picture of the folliage on the rock

Close up picture of the foliage on the rock


My patient Papa waiting for me while I take pictures! What a great day we had just soaking up the scenery!


Love is the best!

Now lets go get Panda!


Papa’s Boondocking Birthday and Yellin in Yuma

On our journey back west we decided to stop and enjoy the warm Yuma weather.

up on a mountain top

up on a mountain top

Oh, so liberating it’s been to and stay on BLM land away from the masses.  We found this place thanks to Nina, and her website

We arrived Monday evening, with the sun setting and daylight fading, we didn’t find the most optimal location initially.
The full moon in the distance

The full moon in the distance

After a few days of scouting out the land we found our own private spot and resettled yesterday.  With no other RV in sight,  we can yell out into the universe as loud as we want without having to worry about bothering the neighbors!
It get really windy out here, especially on top of a mountain

It gets really windy out here, especially on top of a mountain. Yes, that’s my hair blowing sideways!

 Our goal is to stay out here for the allowed 14 days of free camping without running out of water or having to dump. It’s a lofty goal since we usually only last 5 days, but no one says we can’t strive for it!
You go left and I'll go right

You go left and I’ll go right

Since we’ve arrived we found gold, which turned out to be fools gold. We found a meteorite, and felt like Joe Dirt, ” me and you meteor!” And like Joe Dirt it wasn’t a meteor, but thankfully it wasn’t a peanut speckled ball of airplane poo.  It’s just a rock that caught our attention because we thought it was dog poo!
can you spot the "meteor" in my pretty rock collection

can you spot the “meteor” in my pretty rock collection

But the things we have found is the freedom to sing as loud as we want from the tallest mountain,
wear whatever strikes our fancy,
Wow dad, that desert sun has gotten to you!  Says Mr. Milo from bottom left

Wow dad, that desert sun has gotten to you! Says Mr. Milo from bottom left 


and the sense of wonderment that flowers are blooming here in the desert in January!


 Papa turned 73 on Thursday, we made him carrot cake cupcakes and his favorite dinner; burritos.

Happy, happy Pappy!
The search continues for all the precious metals and out of this world treasures, but we’ve found our true treasure!
Wide open space and the calming effect of solitude.
So as I send this post off into the cosmic world of cyber space I am soaking up the sunset for everyone who may be in colder climates and want to have a desert reprieve.

Papa and the Keurig Coffee Maker



Not your average joe…

Pops likes his coffee strong, you know the kind that would take paint off a wall and make the average joe not sleep for days. Mitch and I are medium strength coffee drinkers. We thought that getting a Keurig would solve our usual two coffee makers situation for living in the RV. So far not the case, we wrapped up our old machine the first day and showed pops how to make his Folgers with the reusable my K cup. It wasn’t strong enough, he kept on using his maker. We did research to try and make it stronger, from pressing it down ( which you aren’t supposed to do) to taking the plastic from a used disposable k cup and putting the reusable one inside of it to slow down the water flow in hopes that it would be stronger. Nope. A few days pass, pops tries another cup and says, “I can get used to it, it’s not that different.” He cleans out his coffee maker sets it on the dinning room table and I show him again how to set it for the morning. When I come downstairs there is a half a pot of coffee sitting on the stove, but the maker is still sitting on the dinning room table.  So it has gone this way for a few days now, he tries one from the Keurig and ends up making a pot the old fashioned way. The fancy buttons and sizes keep throwing him off and he just isn’t ready to give up having coffee the way he has for 50 some years. So, as with change, it may take time, but I know he will adapt. Today, for the first time in his life he made spaghetti and it was yummy! Ok, not the sauce, that came from a can. But knowing he is still up to trying to do new things at 72 makes me so proud and grateful that he’s my dad!