The Return of Be and We

Of all the things that I miss when there’s an overload of work in life, I miss just resting my brain the most. The freedom to be me again, and not feel like the walking half dead. I was thinking I could describe remodeling a house and finally being done as getting the monkey off our back, butContinue reading “The Return of Be and We”

Fall Foliage at Manito Park

Many years have passed here in Spokane, Washington when the weather turns from hot to freezing cold and we are deprived of the wonderful in-between seasons.  I am beyond happy to report that this year we have gotten all four seasons, and fall hasn’t been forgotten by mother nature. Papa and I decided to go toContinue reading “Fall Foliage at Manito Park”

Papa’s Boondocking Birthday and Yellin in Yuma

On our journey back west we decided to stop and enjoy the warm Yuma weather. Oh, so liberating it’s been to and stay on BLM land away from the masses.  We found this place thanks to Nina, and her website We arrived Monday evening, with the sun setting and daylight fading, we didn’t find theContinue reading “Papa’s Boondocking Birthday and Yellin in Yuma”

Papa and the Keurig Coffee Maker

  Not your average joe… Pops likes his coffee strong, you know the kind that would take paint off a wall and make the average joe not sleep for days. Mitch and I are medium strength coffee drinkers. We thought that getting a Keurig would solve our usual two coffee makers situation for living inContinue reading “Papa and the Keurig Coffee Maker”