Lovin Our Oven

Everything in a house seems huge after living in an RV, especially our oven. Just being able to fit a regular size baking sheet in the oven is exciting. Lately I’ve been privy to a couple things that do GREAT in the oven, you just wouldn’t think it.


BACON! I’ve always avoided cooking bacon, its such a mess, all the grease, the splattering, the popping, the burning pain when grease finds its way onto my skin. I feel like I need safety goggles and welding gloves just to make bacon. It’s not a simple process…until our friend was cooking some in the oven. She said there’s never a mess, the bacon doesn’t curl and it cooks just right. Wow was she right! It is so awesome and easy! We line our baking sheet with foil, turn on the oven to 400 degrees, lay the bacon flat on the baking sheet and put in oven for 15-20 minutes. We lay the cooked bacon on paper towels for a couple minutes after it comes out of the oven to soak up the remaining grease. BLT’s here we come!




FAJITAS! Chop up everything as you would normally and put it all in the oven! I found a wonderful oven cooked chicken fajita recipe at tasteofhome.com.

CREAM CHEESE WONTONS! I found the best recipe at thepioneerwoman.com. Others may call them rangoons, I’ll stick with the word wonton, it’s more fun to say “what up wonton!” 


I have to admit, we used our deep fryer to make these delicious mouth-watering, keep you wanting more wontons, but if you click on the link to Ree’s recipe down in comments, someone named Leslie uses the oven at 375 degrees to make them.



Our wontons looked like egg rolls but it didn’t matter because they were so good and worth the time it takes to make them.


Dont forget to use the Sriracha sauce, it’s our new-found hot sauce!


If you want to have Spicy Thai Noodles with your wontons, check out this wonderful recipe !


I’ve saved the best and most rewarding for last, the super yummy Cream Puff ! I’d never made them before, it was fun and exciting to see how they turned out and boy did they turn out great!!

melting butter and water
gotta have the eggs ready to mix in at once
after adding flour and salt to the butter and water


It really does get sticky
I love that they don’t have to be perfect


the second I took them out I poked each with a toothpick, even at that, one fell flat. Gotta let that steam out ASAP


The filling is so light and delightful
Yippee! I made pastries
I used a cake decorating tip with a gallon size zip lock. Just clipped off a bottom corner and wahoo. The chocolate is Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup


If you want to make them yourself I recommend the recipe from allrecipes.com, make sure you use ALL the tips from mommyfromseattle, after reading reviews I followed her suggestions and it turned out awesome, otherwise they may be a flop. Yahoo for yummy food! Good luck!




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