Fall Foliage at Manito Park

Many years have passed here in Spokane, Washington when the weather turns from hot to freezing cold and we are deprived of the wonderful in-between seasons.  I am beyond happy to report that this year we have gotten all four seasons, and fall hasn’t been forgotten by mother nature. Papa and I decided to go to Manito Park to soak up all the splendid colors.




Nishinomiya Japanese Garden at Manito Park

The temperature has gradually cooled down giving  the leaves a chance to change colors before falling.


There are many other gardens at Manito Park and it’s all FREE!


Papa officially soaking up the splendor



The cutest tree I’ve ever seen!


When I asked Papa how much he loved me, he said with his arms wide open...THIS MUCH

When I asked Papa, “how much do you love me?”he said with his arms wide open…”THIS MUCH!”


There are huge Koi fish in the pond


Now this is an awesome autumn


Park bench to ponder life? Or just a place to take a load off.


Well, Papa thought it was funny!


After doing a lap around the garden we worked up an appetite and decide to get Panda Express for lunch


Soon all the flowers will be gone, but there are still a few blooming

We stopped at the Duncan Garden on our way out. Soon all the flowers will be gone, but there are still a few blooming


Many people run laps on this trail that goes around the garden

Hey, there's Papa

Hey, there’s Papa, walking through the perennials




They have a map of all the different roses in the rose garden

During the summer there are roses as far as the eye can see

During the summer there are roses as far as the eye can see


I found a few roses still going strong



miniature rose



All squirrels in the world I’ve named Henford, so when you see your next squirrel say hey Henford, what’s up! He’ll give you this look saying, “How do you know my name?”



I’ve named this flower…Pretty.


What a cool color this guy is! Oh, I just love flowers.


I can’t get over the viberant color of this burning bush.  Happy happy overload of fall colors. Yahoo!


Heading down the steps to go get food with Pops

close up picture of the folliage on the rock

Close up picture of the foliage on the rock


My patient Papa waiting for me while I take pictures! What a great day we had just soaking up the scenery!


Love is the best!

Now lets go get Panda!


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