Talkin About Walkin

Being part of something for a good cause is always a rewarding experience.


We had the opportunity to be a part of the Memory Walk, Walk to End Alzhiemers at River Front Park  in Spokane a couple weeks ago.


The weather was wonderful and thankfully there were hundreds of people who showed up to participate.  We plan to do it again next year and hope to get our friends to join in. We encourage you to join your hometown Memory Walk!



Mitch’s son Elijah, on his first ever long road trip, drove over from Port Angeles, Washington to spend some quality time with us last week .  We had no plans to start a huge project while he was visiting, but the boy’s a ball of inspiration!


Who? Me!
Who? Me!

We’d gotten gravel delivered for the driveways because of floooding issues in the spring.


They weren’t little puddles in front of the big house, it was a lake where the driveway once was, with water halfway up the tires so you would have to wade through the water to get to your car or to the house. It really needed to be done. While Eli and I were leveling out the gravel in the driveway, our walkway became a topic. When it rains, we end up adding bricks ontop of the walk just to make it through the standing water, or hanging onto the fence while trying to leap over the pond.  We’ve talked about replacing  the walkway with pavers, so while Mitch was at work, what better time to tear up the entire sidewalk and surprise him when he got home!

What did we get ourselves into?
What did we get ourselves into?

It shouldn’t take too much to get this thing done….. Warning; I do not, and probably never will, have a true grasp on the time it takes to complete a project.

For all the work I’d created for him, Mitch just came home after work and started in on the project.  What a man!

I am so grateful that Mitch loves me like he does, especially my inability to realistically understand the magnatude of time involved with projects around the house.  It goes so fast in my mind, the idea is easy, but when reality hits, wow, the time and work involved always surprises me. Our family joke is to take my estimation of time to complete anything and mulitiply it by 3, then if it’s a big project add 3 more days and it’s a more accurate time frame.

“She thinks we can get this done in a day, Son”… “That’s funny, Dad”


Papa keeping us in line from the sidelines
Papa keeping us in line from the sidelines
We didn't even know we'd be using the driveway gravel to finish our other project
We didn’t even know we’d be using some of the driveway gravel to finish our other project

Our plan is to add onto the pavers next year,  go around the trees and finish what we started.

Charlie likes to be part of the projects too
Charlie testing out our progress


Now Mitch’s masterpiece begins







Seems so easy to complete in my head, should only be about 8 hours to finish everything next year…ok, guess that means it’ll be more like 24 hours, and 3 more days.  Oh Yikes.

Four days later project walkway is complete.   Thanks guys for making it happen.

Having Eli here with us was a true blessing, just seeing him enjoy the company of Papa, soaking up the quality time with is his Dad and showering the dogs with love and affection makes the walkway full of wonderful memories already. Thanks Eli!

Mitch beaming with pride of the young man his son’s become




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2 thoughts on “Talkin About Walkin

  1. You know, if you guys are ever bored and looking for projects to do, I have plenty! I like your style! 😉

    Nice work, y’all! =)

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