Papa and the Keurig Coffee Maker



Not your average joe…

Pops likes his coffee strong, you know the kind that would take paint off a wall and make the average joe not sleep for days. Mitch and I are medium strength coffee drinkers. We thought that getting a Keurig would solve our usual two coffee makers situation for living in the RV. So far not the case, we wrapped up our old machine the first day and showed pops how to make his Folgers with the reusable my K cup. It wasn’t strong enough, he kept on using his maker. We did research to try and make it stronger, from pressing it down ( which you aren’t supposed to do) to taking the plastic from a used disposable k cup and putting the reusable one inside of it to slow down the water flow in hopes that it would be stronger. Nope. A few days pass, pops tries another cup and says, “I can get used to it, it’s not that different.” He cleans out his coffee maker sets it on the dinning room table and I show him again how to set it for the morning. When I come downstairs there is a half a pot of coffee sitting on the stove, but the maker is still sitting on the dinning room table.  So it has gone this way for a few days now, he tries one from the Keurig and ends up making a pot the old fashioned way. The fancy buttons and sizes keep throwing him off and he just isn’t ready to give up having coffee the way he has for 50 some years. So, as with change, it may take time, but I know he will adapt. Today, for the first time in his life he made spaghetti and it was yummy! Ok, not the sauce, that came from a can. But knowing he is still up to trying to do new things at 72 makes me so proud and grateful that he’s my dad!



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