Old Ironsides

10/12/2022 what better way to start the day than with a sunrise to feast your eyes!

Mitch set an alarm to make sure we didn’t miss it

We had coffee, enjoyed the beauty that surrounded us and took tons more pictures. After getting everything packed up to hit the road we made one last trip to our favorite spot, Waikiki Beach at Winter Island Park.

Is that sea glass I see says my sweetie

As I walked down the beach I saw a group of geese (trivia question -what is a group of geese in the water called? It’s not a gaggle, answer is at the bottom.) so I decided to make my way towards them.

A gaggle of geese at the beach

To my surprise they didn’t seem fazed by my presence. So I scooted closer, still they didn’t mind. I was so amazed, they walked their way past me, probably less than 8 feet away and headed up off the beach.

Where goes the goose asks the seagull

As I sat there, mesmerized, grateful that I was blessed to have this moment with these geese on this beach I see a gal taking pictures of the geese as well. I try to move so I’m not in her way and we chat for a minute. A little while later, after I rejoin Mitch she is returned from her walk and asks what we’re looking for. We tell her sea glass and she shares with us another treasure on the beach we didn’t even know existed!

Savannah our information Angel on the beach

She shares with us the history of old ships and how they’d discard things in the water when they no longer had a use for them. She showed us pieces she’d picked up and explained how it was old pottery pieces. Saying they’re probably over a hundred years old!

Old pottery pieces from the ocean

Mitch and I were both so intrigued with the information, and it now explained a piece I picked up the day before. It was smooth and white but had a design on one side. I knew it wasn’t a rock, I thought it odd, so I kept it. That’s what it was! Old pottery. Savannah gave me a one she had picked up and as we were talking she spotted another and gave that to me as well. I was elated and ready to find some new treasures! Her generosity and kindness was so appreciated.

Yesterday’s sunrise pic Mitch took

Check out time was 11 am and we had plans for the day, but I have to say, it was hard to say goodbye to Winter Island Park in Salem, Massachusetts.

Hello Boston

We had a painted picture of Iron sides I’d bought from a yard sale and hung in pops room about 10 years ago. When Mitch found out the actual ship is in Boston we had to go.

Plaque on the building near museum

We had to pay for two parking spots for Harvy because of his size when we got to the museum, but he knows he’s worth it ($50 for minimum of 2 hours)

As you board the ship
The helm or the ships wheel
Officers quarters
The seamen’s bay
The bulwark (I think that’s what it’s called)
Burial at sea
Steps to go below deck
Old Ironsides

We then walked over and toured the battleship

USS Cassin Young
Sick bay
The wardroom
The galley.. soups for dinner
Who’s he got his sights on?
Oh wait! That’s me!
Dry dock

The whole place was very interesting and packed with history and information! After overloading on pictures and “I’ll read that later since I got a picture” we headed towards NYC! Oh wait! Rhode Island is soo close, we gotta dip our toe in the state so we can count it on our bucket list!

We did that

The longest 219 miles EVER!

Traffic jam in a tunnel? That’s a first
Sunset on the Interstate 87
We are at the blue dot!
We can see the Statue of Liberty from Harvy!! Ok, barely see it, but it still counts. We are at the Liberty Marina and RV Park in New Jersey
Moonlight over Jersey City

Answer- a group of geese in the water is called a plump of geese.


Salem Massachusetts

10/11/2022 without a doubt the most amazing skies we’ve seen!

Full moon last night 10/10/2022

A spectacular sunrise greeted us this morning. Mitch called to wake me saying, “ you’ve got to come outside and see this!”

Sunrise at winter island park

He was right! it was like getting a big ol’ good morning hug from the man upstairs. What a way to start the day.

Sun still rising (Mitch got this pic from the beach)
Sunrise And Fort Pickering Lighthouse- Mitch pic

After many “wows” and “how amazing was that!?” We made plans for the day, scheduling a tour of the Salem Witch Museum and mapping out where else we plan to visit, since we would be taking the scooters for the whole day.

Salem Witch Museum, the tour is about an hour long with two presentations about what occurred and items to see
Statue of Roger Conant
This is the plaque that’s under the statue

We then rode over to where those accused of witchcraft were imprisoned, the gaol

Pillories and the Gaol
Plaque on the wall where they were imprisoned

We then visited the only house still standing from that era. I believe this is where the judge lived.

The witch house
Originally Built in 1642

We then rode over to the location where the 19 victims were hanged after being wrongfully convicted of witchcraft.

Proctors Ledge
Also known as Witch Trials Memorial

After we visited the locations of the Witch trials, we toured more of the town.

This is the first church built in Salem
Sign that is displayed in front of the church
Ropes Mansion
Statue in Salem
This reads – Underground cable / I say- wow, this thing looks old
Town Hall in Salem, Massachusetts
This building reads Salem Five Cent Savings Bank
Established 1637
Info about photo above
Church in Salem

We scooted home, so happy not having to walk all that way! Iced our backs and headed down to the beach.

A pastel colored sunset at Winter Island park
The sun says goodnight as the moon says hello

New York City, here we come….

Made It To Massachusetts

10/10/2022 Harvy hung with the big dogs last night.

TA truck stop at 108 ocean road in Greenland, New Hampshire
Rays of light shining down on fall foliage
View from our front window last night, so grateful we can stay at places like this
Is this where Salisbury steak originated?
We passed this place driving through Salem Massachusetts and couldn’t stop laughing, just had to share. It is a real liquor store, but the joke “cracked” us up
We made it to our next rv site, yes, it’s a parking lot but seriously the best spot in town.

We arrive at Winter Island Park, where we will be staying for two nights, after accidentally going downtown Salem on a Holiday weekend in October..crazy busy. It is the month of Witch wonderment in this town, so we were squeezing through just trying to get Harvy settled.

We can see this from Harvy! Fort Pickering Light House
Waikiki Beach (2 minute walk from rv site) at Winter Island Park Massachusetts
Overview of winter island park

We sat in our chairs on the beach, finding sea glass right where the blue dot is located above. it sprinkled a bit so we had umbrellas.. not the usual reason people have an umbrella at the beach but hey, we’re unusual and grateful for it.

View when I’d look up from looking for treasures
Mitch got this pic from the beach when he stopped searching for a minute
Go inside since it’s raining and getting dark? Not my man, he pulls out his phone to light up the ground
Sunset over Salem Massachusetts

Tomorrow we plan to scoot about town. The witch trails was one thing that I do remember from school, and so we are going to tour the town.

The Maine Lobster Story

10/8/2022 I don’t know how many people said, “oh my gosh, you’re going to Maine! You gotta get the lobster while you’re there!” I’ve never liked lobster, but I’ve never had lobster from Maine..so without further ado…

Baked stuffed lobster at saltwater grille in Maine

Yes! It was as big as it looks in the picture! 1-1/2 LBS! The meat was tender, and it was good and fresh… but for me, already having an aversion to most seafood. It was not working. I just don’t have a hankering for lobster.

Me thinking.. this is huge

Then seeing his claws, the legs, the tail the whole lobster 🦞 it was like eating a hamburger served in a cows head or a chicken sandwich with its little chicken feet dancing on top of the bread. But, no regerts! Had to try it, from where it comes, just in case…as most people say, you gotta get it fresh.

Mitch got a Lobster roll

I’m telling ya people.. I tried it and I don’t like it. Its like sushi, and people be like, oh well you just haven’t had good sushi.. no, it’s just that I don’t like sushi. I’ve tried it plenty of times.. another thing, I don’t like s’mores. There I put it out there. It’s a crumbly, sticky, not good enough for the hassle of dessert. Give me a fruit roll up any day.

What do you think Mitch thought of his lobster experience? Answer down below..

We went to the Portland Head Light after lunch. we scootered about, making something that would’ve been super tough on our backs, tolerable. Yay scoots!

The most photographed light house Portland Head Light

Mitch looking up at the light house
Cape Elizabeth Portland light house
Where the poet sat
I sat
and this what I looked up to see,
does this a poet
make me?
On our way down to the beach we got a fresh angle of the lighthouse
I finally got to wear one of my hats!
As did Mitch
We FINALLY used a beach blanket and pillow I got at a yard sale 3 years ago! I knew someday we’d use it. Our backs got sore so we laid up against each other and searched in the sand. Forest Gump style
We found blue today!

The answer of Mitch’s lobster time… well while in Maine give it a shot, but I’ll stick to bacon over lobster any day of the week!