The Statue of Liberty

9//14/2022 I can’t believe I am actually writing to say we’ve seen Lady Liberty! To be here, and to share this with you all is more than I could’ve ever dreamed of.

The Ferry to get to the Statue of Liberty

We started our day leaving at 9 for a 9:30 security check in. First, Siri took us to a ship repair spot and we had to ask for directions, then scooted to another location to a little yellow boat and again, it was the wrong spot. Thankfully, Mitch doesn’t have an issue with asking for directions when Siri gets us all turned around.

The Central railroad of New Jersey’s Terminal

If you decide to see the Statue of Liberty from New Jersey, just route yourself to the central railroad of New Jersey Terminal

I drew an arrow pointing to the location you would need to catch the Ferry
New York City from the dock waiting for the ferry

The ride is only about 10 minutes and the first stop is Ellis Island. You can either get off and go through the National museum of immigration or stay in and go to the statue. We opted to get off, and catch a later boat.

The first thing we did was walk around, and I had to touch the top of the torch
Ellis Island
This was where people would come in and have to wait to be processed through before coming to America

We learned a great deal about how hard it was for people who traveled so far to pursue the American dream and that at times it became a nightmare, or would not be allowed in.

All of their earthy possessions in a suitcase
They had mental tests
Indentured servants
Not everyone chose to come. Slave ships.

We caught the ferry at 11:40 to see the Statue of Liberty.

View from the boat
View from the back

We thought that our pass allowed us to go up halfway inside of the statue but it didn’t. So here’s what we now know.. the island is good size with a few buildings and a restaurant. There are different types of reservations you can make; one is onto the island, another is where you can go halfway up inside of the statue called the pedestal pass and then there is the crown that you can also book online. We found out yesterday that the crown had been reopened quite recently (it was closed in 2020 since the pandemic) and it was booked out into mid November when we looked into getting tickets.

The original flame

The museum is also on the island and you can learn all about the history, how it was built, and repairs

Inside the museum (actual size)

You can also walk up stairs on either side of the museum and stand on top of the roof to take pictures.

From the top of the museum building
Waiting in line to catch the 2pm boat back to New Jersey
Yes, it’s a long line and a lot of people but loads and unloads pretty quick
The seagulls kept up company through our travels
When we got back to the dock area we stopped into the old New Jersey train station
I believe they are making this into a museum
Where the trains once ran
A couple were getting wedding photos taken in the train station… I wonder if they met here years earlier?
memorial of 9/11 at the central Railroad of New Jersey
It has the names of all those from New Jersey who were murdered on 9/11

NYC, we’ll see you tomorrow!



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