God Blessed Texas

Howdy folks, from San Antonio, Texas; home of the Alamo!  We can now say we have been there, plus the Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and a 4D show!  We spent a day being complete tourists, and had lunch at none other than Hooters! The funniest part was trying to find the place, whenContinue reading “God Blessed Texas”

Suddenly Seeking Seventy’s

Although we were craving warmer weather, come find out; not THAT warm. Once we arrived in Lake Havasu City, AZ, and did five days boondocking, we realized that 91 degree’s during the day is just too hot. Oh what to do, what to do.  Guess this is another lesson learned for us newbies, enjoy theContinue reading “Suddenly Seeking Seventy’s”

The Week of Firsts

It seems as if we have been full timing for months, not weeks, living this lifestyle.  Probably because we are actually having life experiences, and not doing the everyday grind that we are so accustomed to. We are now able to find stuff without having to search through the whole house, and things are startingContinue reading “The Week of Firsts”