The Yeller Feller

When life’s given us opportunities we’ve taken them, including the risks and work involved! The good Lord made our latest adventure a no brainer, we bought another house to make into a rental. It’s just across the street from us and had been the home of our friend and neighbor, Mac who passed away last year. For us to get the house is nothing but fate and we are honored to be the ones to bring this little 1930’s home back to life.

I remember watching Mac across the street painting away, making his dark green house even a darker green and me saying to Mitch, “He must really like green.”
We decided to buy a sample of our chosen color and try it before buying gallons and not liking it. It’s on the left side of the door.

Our first order of business after purchasing the house was to change that color. Thankfully Mitch and I seem to usually agree on colors and we already planned on painting it yellow, now it’s just a matter of which yellow.

First to prepare the siding and the trim, good thing we have a pressure washer
The side of the porch after pressure washing and scraping paint. I started with white on the inside of the porch and it was taking forever

Mitch had mentioned getting a paint sprayer and I said, “I don’t think we’ll need one, it’s not that big of a house, it won’t take us too long.”

After doing the trim I was already over the whole painting it by hand idea.

I called Mitch and said, “Tell me again why you don’t want to rent a paint sprayer?” he laughed at my way of telling him he was right, and said, “right!” Mitch rented one that night from Home Depot.

Side note:

If you rent one yourself and are using a 5 gallon bucket please do yourself a favor and rent the “heavy duty” sprayer and not the “medium duty” one. The Heavy duty sprayer will stand on it’s own and fit into a 5 gallon bucket.  It just makes life so much easier.

Just having white trim made it seem a bit brighter
Plus I had papa's help
Plus I had papa’s help
While Feisty supervised
While Feisty supervised
Feisty was Mac's cat and she's been keeping the house occupied since his passing.
Feisty was Mac’s cat and she’s been keeping the house occupied since his passing but has a future home down the street with our friend Terri.
The color of yellow is Meringue – Behr Ultra Semi Gloss from Home Depot. Mitch came home early from work and got the whole house done in 3 hours. Yes my people, he’s that awesome!
I was able to have everything taped off and ready for him to start spraying, The anticipation of having it a new color was so exciting for both of us.
The reward of seeing it complete was topped off with the praises of the neighborhood folks walking by saying they love new color!

Next order of business was to get a new roof! The previous roof was not only old, it had been put on wrong! Thankfully we already knew who to call, Mark from Premier Roofing.

Mark telling us what kind of trouble we’re looking at

He’d done our big house a few years back and impressed us with his hard work ethic, knowledge and skills of roofing.

A couple of the crew getting ready for the day. Yes, that’s a girl standing by the truck and she rocked at roofing!
The plywood wasn’t even screwed down right! Its no wonder it had so many warps in it.
There was so much more than just a roof to put on and Mark made sure all the repairs were completed right.
Even Feisty give it a paws up after inspecting the work

There is still so much to tackle outside and we are trying to get it all done before it gets too cold, but we are also doing projects inside, and underneath.

The cobwebs after a year of being unused, are everywhere

Feisty hasn’t been the only one staying in the house, there’s also a family of skunks. Not to mention a strong musty damp dirt smell though out the house. Wow do we have our work cut out for us.

First one cobweb at a time
We begin by pulling out the carpet, see all that dirt… it’s always under any carpet we’ve ever pulled up. It’s one of the reasons we will only put in laminate and allure flooring in our houses from now on.
When it’s that dusty it’s best to wear a mask, otherwise you’ll be smelling that stinch for days
Once the carpet was gone we found a sagging corner, to inspect deeper what do you do but cut out the floor since there is no crawl space
If its bad in this corner, what else is going on under the house
Lets tear it out and see
Then we decided to dig a little deeper
Come to find out, we weren't the only ones digging a little deeper. Those darn skunks
Come to find out, we weren’t the only ones digging a little deeper. Those darn skunks
We found out why the floor wasn’t level, They only did a cross beam on part of the floor. That dusty damp dirt smell was because there was no ventilation under the house and no vapor barrier over the dirt. It’s got to be one or the other in this climate.

To make things right we’re going to start from the ground up, beginning with digging out a lot of this dirt to make an actual crawl space. There was more than Feisty and skunks in this house, there’s huge spiders!

This guy was hanging out in the kitchen giving me a preview of what lurks below

One day while Mitch was at work I decide to take on the underbelly of ol’ yeller and clear it out. The plan was to crawl from the living room under the kitchen and beyond pushing dirt out and sucking up spiderwebs with the shop vac. I wasn’t going to dare venture below without the proper spider, skunk poop protective gear.

Excited and geared up
Ready to take on those creapy crawly’s

As usual, it was much more challenging than anticipated. Everywhere I turned a shiny scary spider was crawling, I’d brought spider spray down with me but it didn’t kill instantly and I would begin to panic and try to squish them. I tried to shovel out dirt from under the house as I lay on my belly, shop vac in one hand, spider spray nearby and a little hand held rake to push the dirt out from under the kitchen.This task just got to be overwhelming and my steam ran out, then I realized my white overalls had a huge tear in the inner thigh area and spiders could be crawling on me! In frustration and determination I crawl back out from under the house, found Mitch’s overalls, shook off the fear like a dog that just got out of a lake and back under I went with a vengeance. Come on spiders, skunk poo, feisty poo, whatever’s under here, it’s showtime. I dig, I scoop, I push the dirt, then I look to the left of me…eeeeks a spider,

These are the spiders that were under the house

I look to the right of me….eeeks another spider. Ugh. seriously! I look straight ahead and staring back at me was a frog. This frog must be a sign from my mom that she’s with me under this house, she loves me and knows what a hard time I am having. Why a frog you ask, well days before my mom passed we’d talked about how hard it will be for me not to see her and how much I would miss her. She said, ” Don’t worry, I’ll be with you, if you see a mountain that you love, I’m there, if it’s a butterfly or even a frog, if you think of me I’ll be there.” The day of her funeral, it rained frogs in Oklahoma, literally frogs! Everything is going to be ok now, I stare this frog, loving the special moment of peace I’m experiencing when I realize that I could actually pick up this frog right now and not freak out because I am completely safe with all my gear on (yes I know frogs don’t bite, but they still scare me a little). I also wanted to move the frog because I realized there was another spider behind it that I wanted to spray.  I put one hand under the frog and lift it up onto the palm of my hand.  So special is this moment that I can hold this frog and think of my mom….EEEEEKS.  Right towards my face this little fella jumps.  I pull my head up as fast as I can, in turn bumping my head of the floor joists.  Really life??? ever so comical it is, I’m frazzled beyond return and get myself out from under as quickly as I can, throwing in the towel for the day.

The look of temporary defeat

After such an experience Mitch put bug bomb on both ends of the house and he promised to help me finish up the job.

The corpses of those awful scary spiders after the bug bomb!

When the weekend came Mitch and I, along with the help of a friend got 7 wheel barrels full of dirt, tons of dead spiders sucked up in the shop vac, a few shovels full of feces, brick, concrete chunks and kitty poo to, out from under that house.  I would like to think the worst is now over. (Yet amongst our digging we found that the main water line running to the house as well as the sewer line exiting the house have both rusted away) Amazing the things you find when you do a little digging. More about those adventures later.

We have a long way to go and a short time to get there.  I will be posting more as we finish our house projects, lets just hope the weather cooperates with us!



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4 thoughts on “The Yeller Feller

  1. Hi there!
    Just wanted to say hello and comment on how awesome your blog is. We bought your car (still named Sadie!) a while back and I’ve been following your adventures on here from time to time. We still love the car very much and are even planning some adventures of our own! Wishing you both well and happy travels.

    1. It’s so great to hear from you! What a wonderful surprise, and that you guys still have Sadie and you kept her name, that’s awesome! I remember that day like it was yesterday ! Thank you for following us on all our adventures:) Makes my heart happy hearing that you like our blog. Let me know if you decide to write about your travels, would love to read all about em.

      Safe travels and wishing you both all the best!
      Mitch and Shawna

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