The trade offs of life when fulltiming in an RV

The saying “you can’t have everything” resounds in every aspect of living in an RV.  One must LOVE this lifestyle to actually flourish. It is not for the faint of heart, those that like consistent creature comforts or familiarity of any kind. It’s an ever changing, unknown, unpredictable lifestyle that can challenge even the mostContinue reading “The trade offs of life when fulltiming in an RV”

Dream Achieved

To our family, friends and followers……………….The End. Wouldn’t that be funny if we were to end it that way? Doesn’t it pretty much tell you everything in a nutshell anyway? Yes folks, we have come to the conclusion that this chapter in our lives has run its course.   We now realize that although itContinue reading “Dream Achieved”

Road Trip on the 101

Traveling up the 101 from California to Oregon was beautiful, wet, windy and windy (two words spelled the same but with different meanings is called a heteronym! I learn something new everyday). Heading north in California we were in awe of the beautiful San Francisco bridge and saw Alcatraz from a distance, we had noContinue reading “Road Trip on the 101”