The Flip of a Switch

Oh my,  the things we take for granted until they’re gone. Maybe it’s not taking it for granted, maybe it’s just in life we become comfortable in our routines, instinctually anticipating results from the flip of a switch, so when it’s gone, it really stinks. Today I am talking about electricity, actually the lack there of! This past Tuesday the 17th, the electrical world of Spokane and the surrounding areas stopped running. We had wind gusts up to 70 mph, power lines were down and trees blocked roadways. Thousands of people lost power and days later, there are still those without electricity, and tragically others lost their lives during the storm. We just got a taste of what others in the Central States deal with, much more often than we do.

Check out the weather channel for more news about how the storm has effected the Northwest.

Our only source of heat is electricity, just like so many in this area but thankfully we have Harvey the RV! We went camping in our own back yard and were able to stay warm until the power came back on Thursday afternoon. Fortunately we’re able to share the warmth with friends who are going to be staying in Harvey until they get power back as well.

The last couple days I’ve been working in the dark at the post office, but with the awesomeness of a headlamp it hasn’t been a problem! I guess we could add that to the postal slogan, anyway we can, we’ll make do, to get the mail to you!

Best selfie ever !   We’re  alway using headlamps when we’re working on the house, but wow they’ve really come in handy during this time of need.


Driving down the street the morning after the storm I experienced a sense of awe and relief when I saw this tree had fallen, IMG_0441

and  it didn’t even leave a scratch on the house!


What a blessing  that there was no damage and no one got hurt!



They say the storm was of historic proportion, and Avista, the utilities company hasn’t ever had a crisis of this magnitude in its 126 years of operating.



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