From DC to Kentucky

We are on our last week of traveling and we are spent. We have adventured for long enough. Tonight we are staying at Kincaid Lake State Park, thankfully they have showers.

Straight across from the showers at site #70

For our 5 days in Maryland at Greenbelt state park, not only was there no electricity, but no showers. There’s nothing like day 4 of the same socks when they start to stand on their own.

The day we left, we stopped into DC one last time as I was able to get an appointment with the national archives to do some research on my great grandma who was listed on the Dawes Rolls, aka the final rolls of the Choctaw Tribe (I printed a copy but it is misplaced in Harvy at this time) but I did take some pictures I can share.

My Great Grandma on my moms side

To my surprise I also saw a picture of both my great-great grandparents on my moms side as well. I’ve never seen pictures of them before, or knew their names.

Great great grandma
Great great grandpa

I didn’t have a lot of time but the lady that was helping me said I was lucky to have found all that I did.

The national Archives

I met Mitch on the other side of the building at 10:30 am and we got to see the real Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and a lot of the things from when the United States became United. There was no photos allowed and honestly I can’t recall too much. But yeah, that kind of stuff.

Statue on the side of the building
The front of the building, people line up over on the west side of the building to get in
Our drive out of Washington DC
Driving into the sunset


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