So, as you can tell by the title, this story is not the usual post of our adventures. It’s all about my IBS-C, and for those of you who don’t know, that is irritable bowel syndrome- constipation. Years ago I had it in the “D” form. I had that problem in check, with making sure I didn’t eat certain things if I knew I had to work the next day, or not going places if things were popping, I mean poopin, so It was manageable.

About 8 years ago it decided to completely reverse on me, and so I became consistently constipated.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst stomach cramps, like beyond manageable. I would get surges of cramping, followed by severe hot flashes that would then turn into chills. I felt awful, I then proceeded to throw up the water and coffee I had drank that morning.

All I could say was ,”Oh Lord help me”

I knew it was because things haven’t been moving smoothly. I could barely move, if I stood up the cramping would return. Mitch and I had plans to go the museum of the Bible, but feeling the way I did he ended up going without me. I slept the whole morning and only woke when he called me as he was on his way back to see if I needed anything.

He brought me a whole arsenal of medicine, laxatives, mirlax, milk of magnesium, the other end laxatives. So I took a few things.. time went on and nothing worked. He then mentioned there was an at home enema he saw he could get me. Oh my gosh, has it really gotten so bad I’m gonna have to do that?! Yup.. it is that bad. He went back to the store and got it for me. If nothing happens, things could get worse.

I ended up doing to the enema.. and not much happened. I mean enough to relieve some pressure but I know things still aren’t right. I felt so sick, I threw up again and slept most of the day and night. I drank lots of water and didn’t eat but two crackers for the day. Today I had some progress but I’m still nauseous, feeling off and am certain things are jammed packed.

So yeah, that’s the story of the day… we traveled west through West Virginia and are staying at a loves truck stop in Kentucky for the night. I plan to be more consistent with making sure things clear out and hope that no more problems arise.


Update..Elvis has left the building! Wahoo. Not that I’m back to a 100 percent but now I’m not worried about rupturing my colon or throwing up poo! No seriously, if it gets to bad that can happen. So from now on, I will do better. Take things to makes things happen. Hope this can help someone avoid what I experienced.



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