New Jersey

10/13/2022 we woke with big plans.. to make our big plans for the week. What we didn’t expect is how slow the internet would be here. No joke folks, of all the place we’ve been, excluding one campground that didn’t have any, in the heart of the city in New Jersey where we are staying it is SLOW..even with the hotspot the rv park has offered us. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is still the best place to say when you come to New York in an RV, but just keep in mind, it’ll slow ya down if you haven’t already booked things. So we scootered to a Starbucks.

15 exchange place where we parked the scooters to get our coffee!

The Starbucks isn’t like most, it’s an express Starbucks, so no tables. Just a grab and go kind of place. Funny how the one time we actually wanted to sit at a Starbucks and that wasn’t possible. No problem, we just went over by the water, which was real nice, till it started to rain. Oh well, back to Harvy.

Seagull stealing the New York skyline

We decided to use the handy map our RV park gave us and section out our days by attractions and their locations.

A good ol real paper map
Our calendar for the month of October.. I should just use a pencil!

We finally got things dialed in, scheduled and planned out.Thankfully a couple blocks from the RV park there are services that we filled the rest of our day with, especially since it rained for the rest of the day.

I got a mani-pedi

Mitch got his first cryotherapy at the place next door. He opted for 278 degrees below zero to help reduce the inflammation he has with his back. We then went next door to the Coffee Kitchen and got dinner!

I got the Cajun chicken wrap and fries! Delicious!

Mitch got great information about how to get across the Hudson River. fyi- it’s taking PATH (the jersey subway) into NYC over by the Starbucks we had coffee at earlier!

We see you big apple, we’ll be there soon.. we just didn’t know how! ( ok, more like the easiest way) to cross the River. BTW- it’s the Hoboken tunnel.

So now we are looking into the transit systems, get a 7 day pass, a my metro card and what have ya. We have our reservations set for tomorrow.. the Statue of Liberty!



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