Made It To Massachusetts

10/10/2022 Harvy hung with the big dogs last night.

TA truck stop at 108 ocean road in Greenland, New Hampshire
Rays of light shining down on fall foliage
View from our front window last night, so grateful we can stay at places like this
Is this where Salisbury steak originated?
We passed this place driving through Salem Massachusetts and couldn’t stop laughing, just had to share. It is a real liquor store, but the joke “cracked” us up
We made it to our next rv site, yes, it’s a parking lot but seriously the best spot in town.

We arrive at Winter Island Park, where we will be staying for two nights, after accidentally going downtown Salem on a Holiday weekend in October..crazy busy. It is the month of Witch wonderment in this town, so we were squeezing through just trying to get Harvy settled.

We can see this from Harvy! Fort Pickering Light House
Waikiki Beach (2 minute walk from rv site) at Winter Island Park Massachusetts
Overview of winter island park

We sat in our chairs on the beach, finding sea glass right where the blue dot is located above. it sprinkled a bit so we had umbrellas.. not the usual reason people have an umbrella at the beach but hey, we’re unusual and grateful for it.

View when I’d look up from looking for treasures
Mitch got this pic from the beach when he stopped searching for a minute
Go inside since it’s raining and getting dark? Not my man, he pulls out his phone to light up the ground
Sunset over Salem Massachusetts

Tomorrow we plan to scoot about town. The witch trails was one thing that I do remember from school, and so we are going to tour the town.



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