Salem Massachusetts

10/11/2022 without a doubt the most amazing skies we’ve seen!

Full moon last night 10/10/2022

A spectacular sunrise greeted us this morning. Mitch called to wake me saying, “ you’ve got to come outside and see this!”

Sunrise at winter island park

He was right! it was like getting a big ol’ good morning hug from the man upstairs. What a way to start the day.

Sun still rising (Mitch got this pic from the beach)
Sunrise And Fort Pickering Lighthouse- Mitch pic

After many “wows” and “how amazing was that!?” We made plans for the day, scheduling a tour of the Salem Witch Museum and mapping out where else we plan to visit, since we would be taking the scooters for the whole day.

Salem Witch Museum, the tour is about an hour long with two presentations about what occurred and items to see
Statue of Roger Conant
This is the plaque that’s under the statue

We then rode over to where those accused of witchcraft were imprisoned, the gaol

Pillories and the Gaol
Plaque on the wall where they were imprisoned

We then visited the only house still standing from that era. I believe this is where the judge lived.

The witch house
Originally Built in 1642

We then rode over to the location where the 19 victims were hanged after being wrongfully convicted of witchcraft.

Proctors Ledge
Also known as Witch Trials Memorial

After we visited the locations of the Witch trials, we toured more of the town.

This is the first church built in Salem
Sign that is displayed in front of the church
Ropes Mansion
Statue in Salem
This reads – Underground cable / I say- wow, this thing looks old
Town Hall in Salem, Massachusetts
This building reads Salem Five Cent Savings Bank
Established 1637
Info about photo above
Church in Salem

We scooted home, so happy not having to walk all that way! Iced our backs and headed down to the beach.

A pastel colored sunset at Winter Island park
The sun says goodnight as the moon says hello

New York City, here we come….



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One thought on “Salem Massachusetts

  1. Such crazy beautiful photos of the sun rising and setting! Great snapshot of Salem. Wise investment getting those scooters! 🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴💜 Awaiting your next adventure in the big apple! 🍎🍏

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