Lighthouse, Beach & Fall Colors

10/7/2022 once we got cell reception and could map our path it looked like this

We started with three lighthouses to visit

As we drove along we amended our sights to one light house.. Marshall Point

Marshal point light house and museum
Can you guess what movie this light house was in?
It was low tide so we went way out on the rocks
I was so distracted by the cool rocks I actually dropped my phone between the rocks into the ocean!! not even trying to take a picture… just staring at some rocks

Mitch had to reach down about a foot into the water between the rocks to search for my phone! Thankfully, it’s still working.. a couple cracks on the screen protector, but other than that, all good. Yay my sweetheart!

I’ll give you a hint of what movie this was in.. He was runn-ing
That’s right, it’s Forest Gump. This was the lighthouse he turned around at, and kept runn-ing
Mitch took this pic of the sunlight shining on the Lighthouse. That’s me on the rocks
The museum inside
List of the lighthouse keepers
Lighthouse from the museum

It was a beautiful day!
Timeline of lighthouse
Timeline continues about lighthouse

We hopped in ol Harvy and went on our way towards our campground in Caso, Maine. Along the way so many colors of trees. We started naming them after ice cream flavors.

We got orange sorbet, blackberry, lemon zest, strawberry jubilee-tree flavor colors
A great place to hunt for treasures along the way. It’s in Wiscasset, Maine
A drive by pic of the town of Woolwich, ME
We had to pull over for this beauty!
Info about the bridge
Androscoggin bridge
View from bridge
Burning bush near bridge
From Bridge
Drive by photo
We arrived at Willard Beach at Casco Bay
Took a little walk and found seashells and some sea glass
We kept the rocks that look like sticks, they’re great for digging in the sand when sea glass hunting. Mitch had to keep the claw he found. Maybe we’ll make it into a necklace haha
Cascadia Park camping in south Portland Maine

When we arrived at the RV park we were greeted by an older gentleman who walked us around to let us pick what site we wanted. While we walked we learned he started the campground,cleared and dug everything by hand back in the day.. he is now 93 years young!

There’s a little pond when you first turn into the campground, Mitch got this picture this morning going for a ride on Scooter McGavin
And this one, Sunrise over The Bridge next to the pond!

Thanks for traveling along with us! The next couple weeks we got Massachusetts, New York City, and Washington DC



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