Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory

10/6/2022 Anytime I’ve heard of Fort Knox, I think, that’s where the gold is. Come to find out, the OG Fort Knox is in Maine, between Acadia and Portland. we drove for about an hour, but it took us 2 because we kept stopping.

Leaving the beautiful campgrounds of Lamoine

As we drove through one small town after another we were distracted by all the colors poopin.

Union River in Ellsworth

Mitch had a feeling about a place we passed, so he turned Harvy around and down into an RV park.

Patten Pond Camping Resort

I popped out to snap some pictures and as soon as I was back in Harvy, the golf cart man came to us. He was very friendly, thankfully, since we’d broke the rule about checking in.. we told him we were just checking out the place since we’d be in the area. Just the glass reflection on the water we were looking for.

Patten Pond Camping Resort in Ellensworth
Another stop and see the colors moment

We finally arrive at Fort Knox!

Crossing Penobscot Narrows bridge
We’re gonna be up inside that tower
There used to be the bridge on the left, now it’s the one on the right
The sign before you drive in to pay, it was quite affordable.. 18 total for both of us to go to the top of the Observatory and see Fort Knox
Looking through the elevator from the observatory
View of Fort Knox and the town of Bucksport
From observatory in different direction
Ok, last direction it’s either.. South, east or west.. pretty sure not north
Dang we were just up there! The elevator has two buttons, 1st and 2nd!
That’s right, tallest bridge observatory in the world! Woo woo
Fort Knox Maine
Mitch is ready for battle… with his pretend gun
The circles are where cannons would sit
Cannon balls
The entire fort is made of granite!
Mitch is pointing to the barracks and food storage bins
The squares on the grass is the food storage bins
An old ambulance
Really cool spider web
This area was pitch black, but when I took pic camera lit it up
The powder magazine- for ammo
Going inside from the ditch
Yup, we made a friend here too!
View of the town from the fort
You can seriously get lost in this place!

We worked up a good appetite after touristing all morning and decided to go across the way and have lunch.

The town of Bucksport
Amazing views and great food
We ate at Warren’s Waterfront Restaurant in Bucksport
Mitch got a Turkey club & fries (best fries EVER) and I got a cob salad and homemade chicken soup( He gets a chance to fill out postcards to send home)
View of the bridge and Fort Knox from restaurant

We headed towards Camden hills state park campground.. on the way we saw a place that takes the cake when it comes to organized chaos!

Inside was packed, as if a butterfly would’ve landed on something inside, a shelf would’ve came down, and started a domino effect along with everything in it! It was even too much for me and we didn’t buy anything
We made it to Camden Hill state park, and got site #4 with a turning tree! Harvy felt extra special
Camden Hill state Park in Maine
We scooted around for a while, there wasn’t cell reception so this post is a day late
In the morning we made like a tree, and had to leaf
Mitch was up early and got a sunrise picture at Camden State Park from the south loop


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