Acadia National Park

10/5/2022-You acadian me! It was beautiful and it was packed with people! You’d a thought there was a concert or something happening!

We entered at hulls cove visitor center
Ummm, I think the leaf peeps are out and loving nature
Stuff to know
More stuff to know
Picture of the stuff that now you know
Most of the loop is one way and they allow parking on the right side of the road or portions of it. This is between sand beach and thunder hole

As we sat on the rocks, amazed at how perfect the temperature was, we got company.

This guy just landed right beside us, said he was ready for his close up, welcomed us to Acadia and then flew off

As we entered into the park, the ranger gave us a map with the bridge heights for RV’s. To be safe Mitch climbed on top, measured the air conditioner, then dropped the tape down to me on the ground to get the correct measurement.

Harvy made it through with a height of 10’10”
Harvy makes friends wherever he goes, people riding bikes passed him giggling and saying ,”Harvy the RV”
Jordan pond.. there was literally no where to park at this attraction for miles.. so Mitch dropped me off and I walked down the short trail, while he drove through the parking lot and waited for me.
The drive was beautiful

As we made it back to where we began I was looking forward to riding the carriage road. This is where you can see some of the bridges designed by Rockefeller. I thought I had read enough about it, so ya- Take the trail passed witch’s hole. Here’s the thing, electric scooters are not allowed. (So said the Ranger)You can bike ( or if you have an electric bike) walk, horse drawn carriage ride or you can rent an electric bicycle. We opted to just ride our bikes. I mean, it shouldn’t be too far, right? Just to see a few bridges. No need to stop in for information, it’s too crowded for that, it’ll be fine….

This first hill is so steep we both ended up walking the bikes up it!

Ok, one hill, not a big deal. Gotta see them there bridges. Ahh we go down a hill. Better. What another hill? Ok, it’ll be worth it. Oh and btw, my gears are stuck so I need Mitch to wrench it back to first gear! You should’ve seen me trying to peddle my bike in the hardest gear up that second hill! Ha! The people walking behind me… I say to them, “ you didn’t see me struggle did ya?” And the guy replied, “ nope, didn’t see a thing.” And then… they passed me!

It would help if they noted how far things were, I think we should’ve asked for the special bridge map
The carriage trail is well kept and gravel

At this point I am spent, my legs, a combination of cramping and feeling like jello. Mitch, knowing this was something i wanted to do, just trusted me to know where we were going… I chose the flattest path because by then I just assumed there’d be a bridge either direction.. WRONG! Mitch patiently waited for me at the top of each hill and we ended up asking people who were coming from the direction we were going… how much further? Yeah.. we had to go back up a hill and down a hill to go the correct way.

Witch’s hole (I think?) or which hole is it?

By this time, I don’t want to see bridges.. just one. One bridge, how much farther? We see another group of people (all chillin and happy with their electric bikes) and ask again about seeing a bridge. One lady says, it’s about a mile further, and it has water flowing under it. Oooh, ok, I’m revitalized… until another hill! Ok, that’s it, I’m walking the hills!

We made it to a bridge!

I was so whooped after we made it to the bridge I didn’t ever read about it. I just took this pic, walked my bike to the center of the bridge and what do I see on the other side of the bridge? I see cars!! Are you kidding me?! We could’ve drove to it? What!What do all these people know that we don’t? I still don’t know, and am ok with that. I’m just gonna get me some pictures!

It’s a threefer, ya know, three bridge holes for one stop (if you know the name, please let me know)

Steps to walk down to the creek and under the bridge
My man, my sweet, patient, loving man. I yell to him when I get to the bottom, “Rapunzel, let down your hair! I will rescue you!” He plays along, flipping his imaginary hair.
Creek under three hole tunnel (not the true name of it)
Mitch up on the bridge
Nice couple and their dog, they took a few pics of us together and we did the same for them
Acadia national park
Acadia national park
We head back the way we came, thanks to Mitch’s navigation skills, or I think we’d still be out there
The way back didn’t seem as arduous, mainly because Mitch was so encouraging, saying only one hill to go up (but really there were three!)
We stopped on the way back to our campsite and got some good grub
Truffle fries & onions rings with a big appetite we did two appetizers
Mitch got a bacon Swiss burger
I got a pulled pork sandwich

If you’re ever out by Bar Harbor in Maine it’s a great place to go. Great service and delicious food.



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2 thoughts on “Acadia National Park

  1. Thank you guys for all your hard work trekking and trudging, sweatin’ n swearin’ up and over those gosh darn hills carrying your bikes to get a view of this bridge built by Rockefeller himself! The pictures you captured are simply stunning and absolutely gorgeous (as I enjoy them from the comfort of my bed at 2:34 am). Thank you for your journey and sacrifice! Now if we ever go there ourselves we NOW KNOW to rent the $25 electric bikes! Ha… now u guys know what it’s like to be an ‘early frontiersmen’ bringing back the beauty of a place but also warning us of an easier way to get there! 🥹 Gosh darn those people ahead who didn’t warn you aforehand!

    1. I know right! At one point Mitch was riding his bike next to me, hand on my back and trying to help push up a hill! Haha I love ya girl! But please note.. the bikes cost $50 to rent.

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