Lamoine State Park, Maine

10/4/2022 We woke this morning to a beautiful sunny day, and looked forward to the drive heading back towards the coast. But first, we had to get coffee and tour the town of Moosehead Lake.

Moosehead Lake

A lady told us where we could see the lake from a distance to capture a great view.

View of Moosehead Lake
Spectacle Pond
Mitch got a beautiful picture of spectacle pond on the other side of the road
The fall colors along the way

Mitch has been diligent in his search of my real sugar Pepsi, and it paid off! As I sat in Harvy looking at pictures on my camera, I’d forgotten what he went in for. I sensed motion outside my window and when I turned my head, I see my sweetheart arms full of real sugar Pepsi! He had the biggest smile, it was the most beautiful bouquet of blue and white cans I’ve ever seen. I was elated! He bought the store out!

It’s the smaller cans, but oh boy, oh boy, am I’m ready to get into some sunflower seeds now, unfortunately we are about out! Haha oh life!
It’s first come first serve here in Lamoine since it’s the end of the season
We got some prime real estate at this campground
This is the Jordan River, that goes out into the gulf of Maine.
We even got so warm we had to take off our coats! The coast is rocky and has seashells. The fishing boats are anchored and empty at this time.
Mitch captured this Fall Sunset at Lamoine state park just steps from our camsite # 58

Ok, tomorrow Acadia, for real… unless things change. Thanks for joining us along our travels!



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