Hello New Hampshire


As we leave maplewoods campground had to get one last picture
We stopped into a small town, West Danville Vermont along the way
The post office is in the store and they have the old school combinations
The postmaster told us a story about back in the day they mailed children
Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire
The leaves are starting to change
The roads are lined with leaf peepers
A waterfall along the way? What? How awesome is that! It’s off of Crawford notch road.. silver cascade New Hampshire
The middle top of the waterfall
Silver cascade waterfall
Harvy in New Hampshire

We made it to Maine! Staying the night at Sabato Lake state park campground, and yes the prices are getting higher the farther East we travel! For a night stay, being from out of state, it was $49.05.. but they do have electricity and water. Very nice campground, right next to the lake, tall trees and cute chipmunks.

Oh and Mitch found a string of lights at a yard sale we stopped at today! The light of my life, loves his lights! “Temporary for now” Mitch noted.
“He’ll surely Griswald up Harvy in the future” I say


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2 thoughts on “Hello New Hampshire

  1. Wow! New Hampshire is beautiful! I never knew. So glad you were able to go in the fall and become a bonafide leaf peeper yerselves. 🍁👀 PS – Tell the camp decorator that I loved the RV lights! XO miss you guys!

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