9/29/22 we head north towards Maine, but first ice cream!

We leave four mile creek campground near Niagara
Falls. Beautiful, spacious and an awesome campground
Mitch got a pic of Lake Ontario before we headed out
Mitch makes a new friend along the way
The architecture of some of the houses in New York

Huge nice rest stop right before the Adirondack Park, Mitch had drove for about 5 hours and we called it a day and slept here for the night

It was a foggy morning as we entered into Vermont
How now spotted cow!
These two cows greeted us as we parked
We didn’t do the tour of the factory (it was being cleaned we were told from the last 3 days of producing ice cream) but we did get ice cream
The flavor graveyard
They have the flavor name, a poem and the dates each was first on the market and when they canceled it
Headed towards the factory
A brownie sundae with Carmel and whip
You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream
We then stopped at Cabot’s cheese store, so many samples, so much cheese.. yum!
We met Micheal Mullen, the guy who designed the graphics for the store..
His artwork
I found a rock with a quote, I love it when that happens
So true

The leaves are beginning to change in Vermont and it is beautiful

We also got maple syrup and some apple cider. Each place we visited was busy as could be, it’s season time in Waterbury, Vermont
Tonight we stay at Maple Woods camp ground.
The place is very nice, the people are personable and the view is amazing!
We scootered down to the store at the RV park, visited the owner, I got myself a hat! This is Mitchs new favorite pic, he thinks I’m the coolest!
View from the entry of the campground

The campground is full, the people are friendly and it’s the first time ever.. ever…people are outside of their RV, playing corn hole, having some laughs. So awesome to witness.

The view from our campsite as I write this with the sun setting. The tall tree in the middle is a red maple and the sap is used to produce syrup.
Now onto the Maine attractions.
Our next few stops planned out


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2 thoughts on “Vermont

  1. Oh wow! I gotta go visit Vermont too! So Beautiful! The Ben & Jerry’s graveyard is too funny! Whew… when I first saw your photo of the Ben & Jerry’s trailer I freaked a bit thinking “Oh No! What did Mitch do to Harvey the RV after just 1 great delicious looking hot fudge, brownie, lucious whip cream, cherry topped sundae? What? Did he paint their RV”. Whew… Then I read the caption. 🍦🍨🚐…. I too LOVED the photo of you Shawna on the scooter. Beautiful image of livin and lovin life! 😃

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