The Maine tourist


We made our way to Portland Maine today after leaving Sebago Lake

It’s a huge campground
It was about 40 degrees this morning when we woke up
Harvy and Mitch at Sebago Lake Campground

It’s about an hour drive from Sebago to Portland Maine. we made a few stops, in search of Pepsi made with sugar (I have an inflammation reaction to high fructose corn syrup) and there is none to be found.. 😩 sunflower seeds and Pepsi are a great traveling combination, let’s hope we find some along the way. We also had to stop at camping world, seems as if the shower skylight area has a wee bit of a leak when it rains. Wouldn’t be too much of a problem being that it’s the shower, but it’s become our storage area.

There’s still room to cram a few more things

We made it to Portland Maine, and our first stop was to get a taste of the famous potato doughnut at Holy Doughnut

The Holy Doughnut made from potato
The most popular place in town, the line was around the corner and two hours later.. the line was still around the corner
The variety to choose from
We got 6, each one a different flavor

We had to find out what all the hype was about. And I gotta say, it’s worth the wait. The doughnut is crisp on the outside, it has little pockets of holes on the inside. The taste is delicious without being too much of any one thing in a bite. Definitely the best doughnut I’ve ever had.

Portland Maine harbor
They had live music and it was packed with people when we walked by
Sea bags are repurposed ship sails
Really cool bags and I love that they’re made from used sails. Prices I saw ranged from a small item $30-to a large duffel bag that I really liked for $225. So I took this picture instead
It was pretty busy, street parking was full and the parking lot charges $25 for 3 hours and it was a minimum of 3 hours to park in the lot.
We visited the cemetery in town after reading about how old it was
This is the oldest we found, 1733
Stephen and Tabitha Longfellow, the grandparents of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the famous poet
Christopher Christian Manuel
The first president of the Portland anti-slavery society
View of the cemetery
The memorial in previous picture up close
Some of the tombstones are illegible, tilted, crumbling and yet still standing after hundreds of years
Eastern Cemetery in Portland Maine is a
National historic site

Today we decided to Thai one on, thanks to yelp we finally found one we loved

Pom’s Thai Taste Restaurant crab Rangoon
Chicken Lo-main
The sunsets on Portland Maine as we head to Bayley’s Camping resort for the night (yay for off season affordability ($49.00 a night))

Tomorrow it’s beaches, lighthouses and more food!



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