Niagara Falls New York

9-27-2022 we are at Niagara Falls, a place I’d always dreamt of seeing, but wasn’t sure it would ever happen.

Our first view of the mist from the falls, a welcoming seagull posed for a pic
Two layers of clothes is the way to go in September and tall water boots for sure.
The Maid of the mist boat ride line.. that tall building behind is an elevator you ride down to the boat. They provide plastic ponchos to help, but rain pants would have been the way to go.
View of Niagara Falls from the boat
What a wonderful amazing experience
I danced in the mist, soaking up every moment
View from the top of the elevator after the ride
The weather was chilly but today I didn’t care
We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, the nachos rocked! Pun intended
After we ate, we scootered on over to the cave of the winds.. this tunnel leads to the front side of the mountain
View of the cave of the winds from the maid of the mist
You’ll get soaking wet on this adventure
Cave of the winds
Located on goat island
You get to actually experience the falls coming down on you. They call it hurricane deck

We scootered (Mitch named his scooter mcgavin, I haven’t gave mine a name yet…) we get back to Harvy, poured the water out of shoes and changed into some dry clothes. It was 3.4 miles from where we parked, the corner of rainbow Blvd and Niagara st. They have a huge gift shop area and all day parking is $10, but they charged us $20 since we were in an RV.

Video on maid of the mist

I’d recommend doing the maid of the mist first, then hurricane deck since you’ll get drenched. Also, doing them both in the same day makes it no big deal since you’re already wet 🙂 plan to spend about $25 per person per attraction.

A 40 year dream come true for both of us


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4 thoughts on “Niagara Falls New York

  1. Breathtaking even from our angle! Great reporting sis, your huge wet smiles, delight in your voice on the video and sound from the falls made me feel like I was there with you guys! (Though reading this post from a warm, cuddly bed at 3:16am) XO love you guys! 💦☔️♥️

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