Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

We opted to skip our last night at Punderson state park after we went to the hall of fame on 9-25-2022.

The campground site is paved, but there isn’t much room and it slopes quite a bit, which made it handy not having to close doors… but we were ready to move on.
Ohio is beautiful to drive through, this is on way to our next stop
We made it to the hall of fame
Bob Marley’s hat
Elton John
The original musical arrangement for Blueberry Hill
Replica of the door of the Beatles
headquarters in London
The Shirelles

It’s starts from the beginning of rock and roll, showing the history and has so much memorabilia.

David Bowie
Janice Joplin
Jimmy Hendrix
Micheal Jackson
Tom Petty

We ate in the cafe, and Mitch got the most delicious warm Italian sub! I loved it.. it was his, but he shared.

Seriously delicious!

It was much cooler around these parts than anticipated.. so we went shopping at Walmart for rain gear and warmer clothes. After we shopped, we stayed the night in the parking lot in Ashtabula, Ohio. The rain was comin down so hard and fast most the clothes we got were drenched.

Thanks Walmart in Ashtabula! We actually went in again in the morning and got rain boots! Definitely worth it for what’s to come
It rained most of the day yesterday while we drove 9-26-2022 this was the windshield wipers on full blast!
We went in and out of Pensilvania long enough to get a photo of the sign

Once we made it into New York our first stop was a laundry mat.

Welcome to New York and toll roads.. the new kind that get a pic of your license and send you a bill if you don’t pay
The road north to Niagara Falls
We are currently staying at Four Mile Creek campground about 20 minutes north of the falls. Wonderful campground. Site 214 will be our home for another couple days.
Did I tell ya? We loved the scooters so much in Chicago we decided to get our own! So much fun they are, and with our bad backs they’ve already made a world of difference with sight seeing.

Mitch was test driving mine out if the photo above. I got one with a seat, he didn’t. His is cool, mine is crazy cool, just like me! Ha! As I proof read this, don’t believe all what you read! Mine is best and I got it to 33 mph today? Wahoo! What a great way to get around Niagara Falls park! (Mitch)



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