When the beauty is beyond description

Our first whole day on our trip and what did we do? Organized!

My sister-in-law Cindy helped me label each bag

Learning my weaknesses has taught me to figure out better ways to adapt. I can never remember what I put in what bag. And boy do I have bags. A candy bag ( yes the biggest bag of em all), tricks of the pain age gadgets like a TENS unit, back brace and such, laptop bag, binocular bag, go pro bag, medicine bag, book bag and even a sunglasses bag. This time around I planned not to lose something every 5 minutes and decided to label everything. So far it’s worked out great! I still misplace my phone throughout the day, but hey, maybe I can make it have it’s own bag.

It was a beautiful rainy day

We rode bikes, played some cards, played with Mitch’s blow darts, Mitch threw him Chinese throw stars and we did a little reading. I couldn’t have been more content. We planned to go back at sunset to get more pictures.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

To our delight the moon was full and the sky has somewhat cleared.

Moonlight from our campsite

This morning we headed our way East to Durango Colorado. Before taking off we soaked up the dew kissed foliage.


To our surprise there was so much more to see on the way out towards the east entrance.

Desert view drive at the Grand Canyon

Each pull out we stopped at became my new favorite until we stopped at the next one.

A different view on desert view drive
Grand view point
Moran point … look closer and you’ll see Mitch
There he is!
This was a pull out that had a stump designed just for thinking
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a million words cannot describe the beauty of this land
Lipan point Grand Canyon
Dessert view watch tower
View from dessert view
Dessert view Grand Canyon
Picturing my sweetie taking a picture

We finally head out after I waited 30 minutes in hopes that the clouds would give me a lightening strike.. no luck but here I sat

Feeling the drops, hearing the thunder, but alas, no sky works today

We head northeast, towards Durango when I realized we’ll be right by the four corners!

Four states meet in one spot, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona

Unfortunately they were closed, so we did the next best thing. Took a picture of the sign.

Sunset near the four corners
We pulled into the town of Towaoc near the Ute mountains in Colorado for the night
Goodnight today, I’ll see you tomorrow

Just in time to catch a beautiful sunset, turning the page into night

Ute Mountain travel center, plenty of RV and truck parking, laundry facilities and the cleanest bathrooms around! Masks required and gas is $3.99 as of 9/12/2022


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