Bucket List, Here We Come

It’s been 10 years since I started this blog. I find it quite cathartic that now is the time that my sweetie and I are heading back out on the road. We’ve planned a big trip East, not sure if we’ll hit all the spots we’ve mapped, but that’s the idea. We know with plans, there’s always room for change and of course the unexpected.

Our line of travel

Honestly I had it mapped just right, then added stops and it put things out of order, but I’m sure you get the gist.

On the road again

I’m hoping to keep on top of posting and share along the way. Today September 9, 2022 we made it to our first destination, and it did not disappoint! Hello Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon south rim

The Grand Canyon South Rim is only 2.5 hours from Kingman, AZ, where we live, so some of the family followed us out here to see it too.

Family photo before they departed

When we arrived at the south rim visitor center, we weren’t sure where to go, thankfully they have wonderful signs and it was only a 5 minute walk to finally see the beautiful landscape. There were quite a few people soaking up the amazing view, but with such a variety of ethnicities represented, it made the experience more special. Just knowing we all appreciate the majestic splendor of Mother Earth, gave me a feeling of peace and harmony.

Just walking the path along the rim allows for different views of the canyon. Then out of the blue what do we see?


We got a few souvenirs, took a break and we headed back out of park when all these cars were pulled over. We’ve learned, if there’s a crowd at a national park, it’s probably something you wanna slow down to see. Yes, I’m referring to the wolves in Yellowstone that we didn’t stop to see, oh to learn from our past. Such a gift life gives us.

Elk right by the side of the road
A whole heard of elk, is a group of elk a heard? Or do they have a different name? Gaggle? No that geese. Pride? No that’s lions… I’ll google it.

After we said our goodbye’s, Mitch and I headed to our campsite at Ten-X outside of the park. Best place to go if you didn’t make reservations 10 months in advance! Some of its first come first serve and some you can book.

Map of the grounds

We settle in, looking up a good place to ride our bikes, look into tomorrow’s weather and for now we soak up the moment, enjoying the silence and our surroundings.

Raven loop Campsite #52
To our wonderful family, thank you for supporting us on this journey, watching the house and all the pets!

BTW- a group of elk is called a gang!



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2 thoughts on “Bucket List, Here We Come

  1. Oh love love love this! Getting to see every stop you make and all the cool details! With love to your ‘gang’ from our ‘gang’ here at home, watching all the animal critters who miss you!

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