Lifetime 20 ft. x 8 ft. Garden Building Plastic Shed

It must be a year of sheds, since we tore one down, moved one and now we built one! This post is all about that experience. I hope it helps if you decide to build it, so it’s more of a review and a how to.

We finished putting the shed together over three days time, my husband, my sister-in-law and myself in 100+ arizona heat. My husband and I have remodeled 3 houses in the past, familiar with the ins and outs of building things and are used to assembling items. I tell you this task was a lot more difficult than it should’ve been and that is because of the vague pictures, descriptions and lack of clarity in some of the areas. None of the metal parts are labeled and are completely jumbled together. You need masking tape, a pen and a tape measure. The best thing to do is sort all the metal items by measuring one, comparing it to the listed parts, putting like items together, and then label one with the part number and how many there are on a piece of masking tape and stick that tape that part (even if there is only one we would mark it-example KKN (x1))Plan to spend a few hours just trying to sort all of it out.

Getting started on the metal parts

Assembly went smoothly for a little more than half of the project, thankfully most of the plastic pieces are labeled with the part number. What didn’t go smoothly was the floor! We watched 2 different assembly videos multiple times about which way to lay the floor, thought we had it right and when we counted out where the door would go it covered the hole. We undid all the floor and rotated it, trying to figure out which hole they kept talking about. We thought it worked because the door we had initially counted out, lined up perfectly.. but noooo.. we got around to the other side the next day and the left side of the door didn’t line up. One of the panels was backwards! Are you kidding me people!! If the company would put on the flooring- B for back and F for front, or use stickers it would make the instructions easier to understand. My husband, who started at 6 am ended up having to pull one of the pieces of flooring from the middle to flip it around, undoing so much work that had already been done.

Talking about the flooring

The walls weren’t too much of hassle but when we got to the roof, the long says in small print (no screws in these holes yet), save yourself some extra time and the possibility of putting a hole in the roofing plastic and make sure you don’t screw it together, like we did. Last but not least.. there is film on BOTH sides of the small skylights and the door windows that needs to be removed and on ONE side of the two windows that you will put in near completion of project. The long center skylight has no film to remove.

Removing the film after realizing it comes off

I can’t speak of the durability, but it’s definitely is more solid than it seemed to be when we were assembling it.

The end result and my happy man

It is aesthetically pleasing, love the two doors, the hooks to hold things, and the shutters really tie it together. Now that we’ve got it completed we are very pleased, but dang the directions need improving.



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